Earth and Neo-Earth

The subject of Earth in Super Smash Quest is a very complex one. Several people hail from this place or areas nearby, such as Charles L. Magellean, Garrick, and Metal Man. The earliest known records date from Digifanatic, however. And so, it is with his information that we start this long story of destruction, confusion, and mysterious workings.

It was the 21st century. The internet had become a massively important medium for communication. A person, nicknamed Digifanatic, joined a group of mysterious people, who were code-named the "Digidestined." These people used Digital Monsters to defend the internet from strange, evil viruses. One such example being "Myelomyotismon." Digifanatic eventually left this world to be with the Questers. And so... many years past. All semblance of a normal world dissappeared, it seemed.

And thus, came Garrick's world. A world ruled by the Three Powers government... some strange offshoot of the United States, it is assumed. Garrick was one of the many who fought in the various wars of this time. It was a formative era; a great calamity was to come from the constant fighting. But, Garrick avoided being a part of the destruction, when he somehow was sent to the realm of the Questers.

The fighting in his home realm continued, stewing, burning. It seemed to grip the entire solar system in chaos; a previously unknown planet, located between Mars and Jupiter, was destroyed by an asteroid. The mysterious people who lived there, Lunarians, took refuge on a planet closer to Earth, called the Second Moon. However, the humans were too busy fighting to take notice. Eventually, though, the wars calmed down. A computer AI was created to maintain peace; this being named NOVA. This AI worked well for the 20 years it was in service.

During this peaceful time, some humans went to the Second Moon. It was sometime after this that Charles L. Magellean was born, and grew to be a typical Lunarian resident. These people posessed interesting and powerful abilities, some of which cannot be explained by this document. Using some of these powers, Charles ventured off into Nintendus, on vacation.

Back on Earth, disturbing new events went by. The humans, in their need to keep things up to date, disabled NOVA, bundling his systems onto a satellite and sending him off into the universe, in order to put in a better computer. The new AI, Avon, however, was a rotten egg. It posessed more intelligence... so it soon circumvented all security precautions and went about destroying what it could through bad programming and evil robots. The people seemed doomed; even the things that had survived countless wars of humans, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty, were destroyed. The machines, unlike people, did not even care for landmarks and relics... only destruction. A similarly minded being, named Zemus, did the same type of destruction to the Second Moon, with his own powerful abilities of destruction.

However, a group of radical scientists and mages set out to fix this. They created magitek, a powerful weapon which synthesized both magic and technology. However... they did this for extremist religious goals, causing yet more trouble. They drove back Avon, destroying all but a single emergency capsule, which they kept for their own devious usage. Then, they went to subjugate the entire planet with their technology.

This plan would have worked... but without the stress of a common enemy, their ranks splintered. Magic and technology became separate again... and they fought each other. However... even with most of their ranks gone, the newly christened 'Solarians' had an ace up their sleeve. A wondrous magitek computer, which granted wishes and gave great power to their cause. Using it, they blanketly obliterated all their enemies. This would have been good... until they discovered the horrible truth.

...The entire planet was their enemy... and their machine had destroyed it. The only people spared were either in their ranks, or a mysterious group of people, mostly mages, who set out for Mars. General Sha'Fol, horrified at what his people had done, realized that those humans who may have survived would rebuild... and then banish them forever, if not worse. Using the power of his great machine, he and his fellow cultist fanatics dissappeared from the smouldering Earth.

A few people remained on the burnt-out planet, sowing seeds in the burnt ground. These people were nomads, the simplest of wanderers. they renamed the new world they were making 'Neo-Earth', since all recognizable fragments of the old Earth were gone. It was thus that they built a great civilization out of technology. They still appreciated magic, but they kept them separate. Magic had lost most of its power, since the people who had known the most about it had dissappeared onto the Second Moon or to Mars.

On the Second Moon, the evil Zemus had been sealed away, along with all of the Lunarians. The planet was just as destroyed as Earth, as Locos came back from his hectic adventures on Nintendus. Undaunted, though, he began to mount an effort to rebuild the world, much like the others on Neo-Earth.

Several years later, a flourishing new government had been created by the former Earthlings. The entire planet became Neo-Earthian. In this time, they had accomplished sophisticated space travel. Metal Man, otherwise known as Illian MacGregor, had enlisted himself in the law enforcement division. It was him who would bring an end to this great world... all in the attempt to save it from an ancient menace.

The dead Solarians were cursed to wander the planet, guarding ancient temples, full of their own technology. One, Tridus, had served Sha'Fol in life. After dying from a Magitek accident, his ghost was cursed to protect an ancient teleporter. He had done so aggressively over the hundreds of years that had passed, killing all who came too close, and making it a 'cursed land.' The nearby volcano prevented any major building in the area, either. But then.. Metal was dispatched to help some researchers.

The researchers got there... and before Metal could do anything, the ancient, evil Tridus arose, attacking. Metal fought back, with equal power. The two struggled, while the cowardly archaeologists fled. They fought until they got to the volcano itself. Metal threw the evil being into the volcano.... but at the cost of his own mortality. However, he was not killed.

After being revived by the great technology of his planet, he was put in cybernetic armor, which would keep him alive... at the cost of unknown side-effects. They then sent Metal to finish the research. He went to the volcano, and discovered an ancient Solarian temple... one that contained a mysterious teleporter. When he came to it, he foolishly tried to use it... reviving the ancient monster of Tridus.

Tridus, however, leaned back while telling Metal the dangerous and holy ground he was on. The teleporter suddenly went mad.... it was about to destroy Neo-Earth! The machine failed to respond... and there was no hope for saving the ancient world. Metal and Tridus leaped into the teleporter, seconds before Neo-Earth vanished from existance forever. The grand chronicle of the planet was gone; Neo Earth had existed far longer than Earth itself, but its destruction was almost complete.

What happened to these people as they went to the other worlds will be discussed in the appropriate information logs.