Metal's History of The Questers

The Questers have been around on the planet Nintendus for 16 years, 5 of which they were fully active. They were originally founded by a Wolf Android named Wolfman and a turtle named Klumsy Koopa. It originated around a relatively large, baseball stadium-like structure, only made especially for battles between many characters from many worlds... well. Apparently all those worlds came to the planet Nintendus, where this RPG takes place.

The first tournament went over fine, but when villains were allowed in the second, they became a problem. The fighter remote was used to illegally copy their moves, and they turned on the Stadium. Wolfman, however, was interested in maintaining the battles between good guys over the peace of the planet. So he added insult to injury, gave those moves to random people, then got those random people to, for big sums of money, beat down the bad guys, who had a quasi-reasonable objection.

Back then it seemed right, but it was ridiculous. Metal Man, the current leader of the Questers was one of the first generation, money-using move-copying jerks who were the ultimate mercenary warriors. They had no real ties together back then; they even fought and killed one another. Only money could keep them together.

But the bad guys put up one last real fight, and killed most of those people. Metal survived due to his heavy armor. Some others survived... but some never shed that mentality. Such as a now-dead Quester named Locos Docos, aka Charles L. Magellean.

Wolfman was dethroned by that, so to speak; he became VG, a Toad who apparently had run a stadium of some kind even before now. A stadium which, apparently, ran out of control due to a similar mentality. He ran this Stadium too, but Klumsy exerted a heavy hand... well. Alys.

Klumsy died in the explosion earlier. That Klumsy, original second-in-command of this Stadium. Dead in the explosion. Ran some sort of holo-tomb after his death for a while, then vanished forever. Strictest, nerdiest turtle you'd ever meet. He was bitten by a Radioactive Rick Moranis. Previously he was a lizardman on Turion, whom we later met due to some insane time/dimensional travel, but that's later.

Alys kept his views to heart, though, but was more headstrong. Anyway, Quester generation 2 was better off, using weapons and trying to reason. Unfortunately, the first Quester Hunters arose to combat them. These Quester Hunters fought to a standstill; then, with the help of some weapons, and mysterious new people, the Questers killed 'em with Trance n' stuff.

But this only made things worse. The Questers ripped a hole in time and space, and, lo and behold, a buncha new people who were related to characters in the Final Fantasy universe came in. Kuja Tribal appeared, and did the second purge; many, many more died this time. Alys sacrificed herself to stop him, leaving Metal and a few others. VG no longer desired to lead; he chose Metal to succeed him.

Metal didn't know much about running the Questers, so for the first month or two, he sent the Questers out to fetch him soda and held video-game playing tournaments. Then, after finally learning how to use the warp machine, he conveniently discovered Princess Peach had been kidnapped, again. So he sent the Questers off to save her... then... Smithy came.

Right smack dab in Toad Town. Blam. Big sword blows it up and Smithy began attacking. The Questers also received two influential but doomed new Questers... Yurie and Razor. Anyway, they fought Smithy, Metal did orders, then Charles found some poison and dranks it, and went nuts. Oh, and hee was called Locos back then. He went on a rampage, joining Smithy and betraying the Questers. He called himself Charles Magellan with no e back then.

After a while, it was nearing the end of the battle. Smithy was done for... Ivo Robotnik's first supermachine and his Face Base also succumbed. It got worse. Smithy used some... next-generation technology. He had a black-hole generator. With it, he made them appear inside Nintendus's atmosphere... at his whim. Well, the Questers took him down. He decided he'd take the entire universe down in turn, setting the machine to black hole everything.

Yurie sacrificed her life to stop it, though, leaping inside the black hole and blowing the machine inside apart. Until she magically flew out upon destroying the machine. Lucky.

So, anyway, all seemed nice... but those Quester Hunters? Well... they didn't stay dead. Neither did Ivo Robotnik, nor did The Questers get spared from illusory people who were actually fake. This group of felons destroyed Toad Town.... again.

Then Charles attacked; he had revived Smithy. Between him and some mercenaries; they defeated the new Quester Hunters. But Toad Town wasn't through exploding yet. Charles went out to explore it once, and freaky stuff had destroyed it yet again. That freaky stuff later was known as X-zone stuff, and the big black cloud of evil which nearly killed him there as The Void.

Charles also discovered Ivan, who aided the Questers, and built Eisnaught. Questers then found and 'destroyed' The Void... well. Not really. Only they KO'd Tridus, one of The Void's illusory people, and The Void escaped to his home dimension. Questers were knocked a whole year forward by the experience. Something sinister may have gone down while they were unconsious.

Old baddies returned, Gruntilda the Witch destroyed the economy, and Charles did freaky, nasty things to everybody, as his military power cemented.

Then the Questers fought through the former and made their way through the second coming of Klumsy's holo-tomb. Metal did some dumb things and wound up tricking the Questers into causing a disaster, which was... odd. It seems The Void mind-controlled Metal into doing that.

Smithy stuck again, this time with some Grodus guy backinh him up. In an alternate dimension, they destroyed Earth and Nintendus. Kuja returned after some guy who was Charles' brother or somethin' went around copying people and beating them down. It has been said it was due to an argument over who was more evil.

Kuja then tricked The Questers into unlocking some 'Solarian' device similar to the black hole maker, only this time, it gave him control over the entire planet, made him a God too. Kuja beat The Questers up, sent us to this weird place called Turion, and took over Nintendus.

The Questers eventually found a village of Lizard-people, and helped some weirdo in a black cloak named Kales. Who was actually Klumsy before he was a turtle. The Questers went through and gathered up pieces. Metal had dreams of an evil puppeteer, a floating mind-control ring, an idiot who opened pandora's box, and some other stuff he forgot.

Anyway, Wolfman blew up some fancy electronic thing on our way through, and The Questers beat up freakish ruin monsters, and collected many pieces of some artifact Kales wanted. Skyhigh, a former idiot, had somehow gained power there, and fought The Questers. Julian defeated him.

Ol' Kales then assembled the staff, and used it to reactivate that Stadium... so he could have all of the Quester's powers for himself, and rule the planet. The Questers went to beat him down, but he pulled out a sword from hell capable of slashing rocks, people, and Gods in two. But instead Julian fought Kales to a standstill. Kales grabbed the staff, and tried to use it, but it... kersploded.

Out came The Void, from which The Questers knew he originated... from that staff. Which had all of his powers, oddly enough. It n' Kales went into the future, about when the Questers formed. The Questers, on the other hand, reassembled the Stadium and went back to Nintendus to get their world back. When they got back... it was terrible. A horrible industrial future, in which Kuja owned everything. EVERYTHING was named after him.

They were about to blow up the charred remains of our Stadium when we arrived, but the Questers killed those jerks and stole their stuff. Then a long saga involving six commanders ensued. The Questers killed most of them, got some allies, and then... went to fight Kuja directly. First, they had to go through the basement, where Gerald was waiting. He crippled Kuja's techno-infrastructure with a massive virus.

Then he died fighting Kuja's two bodyguards, Zorn and Thorn. The Questers made it up top, and fought Kuja, using the chaos emeralds to become super. He went Trance, but the Questers finally killed him... But... once he was dead, the first major threat to cause most of the Quester's problems died. Sadly, another one stepped in to his place for a time. Guess who!

The Void. He came forth, revealed his place as a creator of fake people and fighter against Kuja, and then proceeded to destroy the entire universe. Kuja had no clue that he had backed The Questers then; his chaos emeralds. That's right. His. When they busted, their power became one with him again. Kuja was smart, but The Void... was utterly twisted.

He tried to reveal some higher form, but then some Solarian named Sardis Mongul exposed him as a fake; that he and the people he mentioned, Solarians, had been also made-up, and that only he, Sardis, had been real. Then he attacked with some -ja level magic or something, causing the higher form Xalron to collapse into his native Void form. Then he died; The Questers fought The Void for the last time.

The Void nearly won, but Charles killed him with... the Sword of Order. Anyway, the world reformed, everything seemed nice. But it was... only the beginning.

Earlier on, Ivo had returned yet again... and time traveled. He tricked Questers into helping him steal a... Time Stone. Soon, he reappeared, stealing stuff. The Mages Council formed, making more of a mess than a help. And Ganondorf continued fighting The Questers. Astral stuff also appeared, Gunicard (the space station) nearly destroyed the world... three times? Some freak named Rathos Lell attacked, too.

Anyway, The Questers fought again; and they wound up fighting a time-travellin', jet-pack equipped nasty Eggman, who followed them to Turion and tried to take it over. Aetos died repeatedly too. And these IIF dudes also appeared, and still haunt the Questers today. They're some splinter from the Ivan government.

But it continued; some Nintendus temple also appeared, and a white robed guy challenged the Questers to it. Then, to make things worse, Charles accidentally re-triggered the Gerald Virus, which activated a top-secret Kuja program loaded with space ships, which then attacked. They also stole the Valhalla. Or so it seemed.

Turns out the AI on there was controlling the virus, and it outsmarted everyone. It is what sent Charles into a suicidal mode. It had earlier outsmarted Charles at chess; apparently it decided next it could outsmart him at his own life. It tricked the Questers, took over the ships, beat up some people, and nearly killed everyone if it wasn't for a last-ditch effort of some kind.

Generally, the Questers managed to fight him down with alien help, and then The Void stole his mind. However, the damage was done. Only one Kuja ship lived for The Questers to use, Charles killed himself, and the Magellean Military re-established without him to prevent it. The IIF remain a threat and many past enemies are still wandering around

This... concludes the story... for now! (To be continued)