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Chancé Lucent

Melee attack1
Ranged attack
  • Potion?
  • 7
    Heart Container


    <img src="" alt="A normal looking person with designed robes. Alt text should not be long so I will stop there. In my day we did not have alt text, we had rocks, and we liked it.">

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    A young magic user who has explored most of the world and yet still wanted more. After hearing about the Questers he sets off to join them. And join them he did, reciting the quester oath from memory.

    "I, Chanc? Lucent, pledge to serve the Questers, Never to betray the Questers, or the way of good, as long as I am a Quester. To protect the stability of this multiverse, I also pledge to refrain from usage of devices that would destroy it, aid those who would wish to destroy it, or give power to those like Kuja,
    Charles Magellean, or The Void. Thus I am now to consider myself a Quester, until otherwise fired, released, or killed in the line of duty."

    Now he is an active part of the Quester team as they fight new evils and see new places.

    He also has quite a weird family. He often talks to them when he feels the need to consult them about things beyond his current knowledge he takes an interest in.

    Computer use1
  • Royal Culture
  • 4
    Item construction
  • Cooking
  • Bizarro Items
  • 7
    Move silently2
  • Resist Control
  • 5
    Brawl Moves
    Cane of SomariaUsing a magical cane, the user can generate a magical block (about 5 feet tall) and drop it on the foe. The block persists until removed, which requires a second use of the move on the block. The move cannot generate another block until the previous one is removed.Ranged + 17%If the user should get 5 successes over the enemy's DV, a second block is generated and deals another 7 damage. This block can then be removed simultaneously with the other block when/if the person wants to remove the blocks.72 The block can be picked up and thrown; however, it will be destroyed on impact (and deal another 7% to whatever is hit by it.) It can also be pushed, but due to its rough surface, it will only do a measly 3% damage to anyone it knocks into. It is not destroyed by pushing, however.
    Potion?A random-item throwing move, ranging from slippery oil to crazy stuff. The items vanish after the move ends, and as the stats show, it's a fairly time-intensive move.RangedVarious80Possibilities are as follows:
    1: Oil of a Potion Teacher; No damage. Creates a puddle of oil which can be slipped on (reducing DV by 3), or set on fire (dealing 5 damage to all who damage in it, lasts 3 ticks.)
    2: Essence of Roc's Feather - Adds one to jump check DCs if the enemy is trying to return to the stage; but subtracts one from jump check DCs for the enemy's other jumps!
    3: Cursya Extract - Prevents the enemy from using the last move they used on their next turn.
    4: Blue Essence - The next move (Meaning the move with the highest speed if a combo) now uses 2 less speed, lasts for only one use of that move.
    5: Essense of Boss Bass - Slows enemy down. (Their turn is delayed 3 ticks.)
    6: Subcon Potion - Enemy is sent to Subcon for 5 ticks, during which time they cannot be hit--but if their turn occurs during that time, they must wait an additional 5 ticks when they get back!
    7: Insanity Potion - Creates a massive prismatic explosion. Deals 15 damage and confuses enemy (To the tune of yelling 'JAMAICA!' and such) until the end of their next turn.
    8: Super Chocolate Milk - +2 to Melee and Athletic rolls, said attacks deal 5 more damage per hit, lasts until end of next turn.
    9: Milkshake - Restores 20 HP.
    10: OBJECTION!!! - Stuns enemy for 5 ticks, deals 25 damage.
    Twilight MirrorA shiny mirror which can store up to 3 ranged energy attacks sent at it. (Each attack being a full move.) It can send out the energy it's absorbed back at the enemy as an attack at any stage; but if it's hit by a melee attack, it will break, making it unusable for the rest of the mission.Block | RangedStored Attacks * 241
    Tears of LightThe energy of hope, joy, happiness, and courage combined is used to create a barrier around a party member. Said barrier blocks 3 damage, and if an attack exceeds it, the attack breaks it, but still deals no damage.Defense + 1NoneThe Barrier blocks 3 more damage for every success beyond the first one.52
    Weapons and Spells
    A confusing ray of light. If it hits, the enemy is confused until they hit themself with one of their own attacks.Will + 15%52
    EnchantEnergies bring out the natural enhancements in the object they hit.00%100Usually used outside of combat.
    Peach HoverAfter a double jump, you'll fall much slower than usual. Reduces threshold by 3 after a double jump.8320

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