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Dragoshi L. Helldusk

Melee attack7
Ranged attack7
  • Melee-based Attacks
  • Magic-based Attacks
  • Ranged Attacks
  • 7
  • Combat Initiative
  • 5
    Air Tank
    EMP Grenade
    Gas Mask
    Heart Container
    Piton Gun


    Hmm...Well, I can't easily describe Drago, but here we go. Now, imagine, if you will, a humanoid figure with the wings of a dragon (Which are dark blue on the inside of them), the head and skin of a yoshi (Black yoshi at that), and five claws on each finger and toe, and a ten foot long tail. He stands at a whopping height of 6 feet, 3 inches, and weighs in at 230 pounds. His hair (yes, he has hair. shut up. >_>;;) is a mixture of brown, black and blonde and he has brownish orange eyes.

    As for clothing, he wears a pair of dark blue sneakers, a simple pair of comfortablre (But not loose-fitting) blue jeans, which are reinforced with a black belt (And, no, not the kind that experience martial artists wear. More like the kind a normal person wears) that has many small loop-based holes in it, so that the wearer can find a comfortable spot on it.

    Strapped to Drago's back is his trusty assault rifle, the K7 Annihalator. On his right hand is a nice-looking (Though, not fancy) glove, while he wears a light gray sweater to keep himself warm (And comfortable), a dark gray hooded cloak with light red patterns on it, and atop his head, rests...A tophat. A yellow tophat. Which is of no interest aside from its yellowness. :p


    To be made when I can think of something consistently decent. e_e

  • Jump
  • 4
    Computer use
  • Repair
  • Hacking
  • 5
    Item construction1
    Move silently1
  • Dancing
  • Bass Guitar
  • 4
  • Arwings
  • Planes
  • 5
  • Items
  • Money
  • 4
    Brawl Moves
    Acidic BurstTalk about indigestion! The user inhales, then spits out a bunch of acid at the opponent. Nasty stuff, I tells ya... standardized B notwithstanding.Ranged8%42-1 to whoever is hit's block ability until their next turn.
    AerodrillAn evil combination of Aeroblast and Horn Drill, the user leaps upwards (Not with a B), and then spins down at the target, hitting them a lot.Melee + 13%+3% more damage for each roll over the enemy's DV.61
    Crashing GripWith the power of a downed B, the user grabs the enemy, chokes them, then repeatedly smashes them into the ground.Melee5%, then 2%+2% damage for every success over the enemy's DV.81
    Gravity WellMmmm... sideways B pancakes... anyway. This move creates a nasty black dome of purple electrical doom to appear and then try to land on the enemy. It threatens up to 3 enemies at once. Just don't tell Timmy it exists.Range + 17%+3(ticks charged)%60Can be charged up, gaining 3 to damage for each tick charged. But if you're hit, the current charge explodes, threatening yourself and all around you!
    Weapons and Spells
    Death Bread
    A piece of bread which is truly evil. Very thick and good for hitting people with.Melee + 110%+3 damage per 2 over enemy DV.61
    Assault RifleThis weapon, a variant of the K7 Avenger named the K7 Annihilator, was once used by Ganondorf. It posesses average firing rate and controls made for an amatuer. IT also has a sophisticated anti-theft system. The only letdown on this weapon is that it runs out of ammunition very quickly and must be reloaded often (thus the high tick usage and low rate.)Range + 215%+5 damage for every 3 over enemy DV.81
    Rifle StrafeThe user summons an assault rifle, then strafes the enemies, threatening all of them!Range14%+3 damage for every 2 over enemy DV, threatens all enemies70
    Innotek Android MachinegunShoots lots of bullets at the enemy, dealing damage based upon the results of the roll and the enemy's defense.Range + 155 damage for every 1 over (Minimum 5, maximum 40)71
    Extra JumperAdds a second "double jump" on top of your usual series of jumps. This means that Up+B moves become quadruple jumps!8240
    Wall JumperKick off walls to gain an extra jump. Resets double jump when used, allowing it to be used again if it's already been used.3200

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