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Melee attack6
Ranged attack
  • One Shot, One Kill
  • 7


    Appearance: Stature was somewhat short for a reploid, the female standing at Five foot, Four inches even. From toe to ears she was covered in pitch black fur, of medium length. White markings were almost jokingly splotched along her body at even intervals, visible on her flanks and back, but did not wrap all the way around. Long, slender black tail was tipped by a white tuft of fur which was often kept wrapped in a black cloth. Tail was banded by white rings. Paws were almost hand-like, but still carried their sheathed claws in them. Eyes were of a dull color, a muted green.

    Armour: Made to hug her body a bit more than most reploids' it was a form of forest camouflage. It seemed to be a bit more of an advanced pattern to help her blend in. Specially made to be as silent as possible, the armour weighed little. The thickness was considerable, but the plan for it was very open. It included the parts for her forearm, boots, and a chest and back plate, with extended shoulders. The helmet carried two holes for her ears, made so she could rotate her ears without difficulty. Under the armor she wore a suit of matte black spandex of sorts, meant to keep her cool and comfortable when having to stay in one position for hours at a time.


    History: Panzer was manufactured as a prototype for a new breed of sniper reploid, Care of a German facility. She came out just under par, though. Her main creator, a doctor by the name of Herr Schneider, was of some rank in the forces of the country and had been commissioned by the government for the project. He set out to create a reploid that didn't have a tendency to act completely out of it's own will, but needed orders at times. Given little programming as to what was morally right or wrong, she often proved a big burdensome to Command when asking questions on the topic. Rebuild and redesigned several times the project was shut down, the tweaks taking too long for the project. She was kept in storage over the period of five years. Mistaken as an empty shell, she was thrown out. As the automated timer on her deactivation ran out, she awoke in a junkyard, simply walking out. Already stored with her Rifle and Saber, she was well equipped to handle things her own way.

  • Climb
  • Jump
  • 5
    Computer use1
    Item construction1
    Move silently4
    Brawl Moves
    Rapid FireFiring rapidly, the user of this move can hit many targets at once. Good against Mobs. Especially ones made up of Bobs.Ranged - 18%8% more damage for every 2 successes over the enemy. Alternatively, can be used to target up to four targets at once, but sacrifices this bonus.71
    One Shot, One KillA shot of the sniper kind, used properly it can kill the enemy in one hit.Ranged + 1 + (ticks charged)20% + 2(ticks charged)5% damage for every 2 over enemy DV.80This attack can be charged to increase its deadliness, but if hit you lose the charge.
    ClawA quick slash with one's claws (or fingernails). A cutting blow!Melee + 110%+2% to damage for every 2 ticks over.53
    CamoflaugeWhen one needs cover, they should use this move. It renders them harder to see, making them less of a target.Initiative + 2None82Adds to Dodge/Block rolls, causes enemies to attack user less. Depends on success of roll and area. Cannot use Melee attacks while camoflauged, otherwise you lose the cover.

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