Table of Contents

  1. Revisions
  2. Ultra-Basics
  3. Joining in (or Watching)
  4. Character Backgrounds and Common Sense


  1. Starting out right here. Nothing to change, 'cause I just wrote all of this.


All right, some of this may be confusing to you, so listen up. This is an IRC RPG (Internet Relay Chat Role Playing Game), primarily targeted at people who want a mix of freeform (raw writing and description) with dice (think rolling dice in Monopoly). If this is something that you already know about, skip to the next section. For those of you who are unsure of what this is, what this website is about ,and everything else, I'll break it down very simply.

This is a game based upon Super Smash Brothers, the game for the Nintendo 64. It also includes elements from Super Smash Brothers: Melee, the game for the Gamecube... and for Super Smash Brothers: Brawl on the Wii. It uses text as its primary medium of communication, and a specialized system based upon a popular roleplaying system. Word to the wise: this is not your personal fanfic (fanfiction). You will be limited in power to begin with, and have to gain powers through what we call sessions (where you do the roleplaying and such.) A typical session involves roleplaying out fighting against monsters, going through traps, navigating areas, and possibly some problem solving.

If you're interested, read on. Otherwise, you may wish to simply look elsewhere; it's not for everybody. At this point, it'd probably be a good idea to log onto the IRC room in general; you may do so by downloading mIRC, a Windows based IRC application. It's shareware, and I suggest you pay for it eventually; after all, nothing is free in life. If you dislike that, there's a number of other applications, but I won't spend my time discussing them here.

With that in mind... set it to go to our server by typing /server , and after it connects, type /join #supersmashrpg . If that's too complex, you may want to ask for help. Anyway, if you can get there, you have succeeded in the first part of joining Super Smash Quest. Notice a user named 'Metal_Man88' or similar; he is the GM, alongside others, such as 'Wolfman' and 'Nick_Caligo', who can also help you. However, before you ask them anything else, make sure you read through this document. Likely your question has already been answered here.

You should be able to join the IRC room and have an IRC program by now, before you continue. You can also simply read all of this and then do the steps, but make sure not to forget anything important.

Joining In (or Watching)

Once inside the room, you may see people speaking IC (in character). This means a session is on. In this case, join the room #SSQRPG-OOC , a room for OOC (out of character) discussion. If you must speak in the main room while a session is on, use parenthesis ()s. Notice carefully the following rules...

  1. Respect yourself and others.
  2. Cursing is allowed, but not in excess.
  3. Vulgarity (sexual, disturbing, gross, or otherwise nasty content) is prohibited.
  4. Links to websites which break these rules is also prohibited.
  5. Most important of all, Metal_Man88 has final say.

There could be more, but generally people ignore rules when there are too many. Don't worry; once you get in, if you understand enough, you won't have to worry about them.

If you wish to join, ask Metal_Man88 about it, after reading through the other sections of this document and the other SSQ Brawl System pages. Specifically, he will give you access to a page which will allow you to make a user account (not up yet), and also one to make your character sheet in (not up yet). (The aformentioned pages will be made once system testing is done.) Once you have a user account, use that to log into the char-sheet page, and then fill out a sheet. Then, Metal Man can inspect it. The section below has the notes on that.

Character Backgrounds and Common Sense

It wouldn't be fun if you were in a world where one super-being outshined everybody and always saved the day, would it? You'd just sit there on cruise control, as even burnt steaks would be prevented by this amazing person's heroic actions. Even worse, what if this person used his powers to harm you? Should anyone have so much power they make everyone else moot? Not really, at least, in a roleplay. So you have to read this part if you want to avoid mistakes when making a character background.

First thing, this role-playing game uses the worlds of all the games in the Super Smash Brothers games, plus a smattering of others. (Sonic, Phantasy Star, and some Final Fantasy, for starters. There are also some Medieval/Dungeons and Dragons references.) It also has the real world as an option. Your character can draw from any one of these, as long as it makes sense. For example, do not do the following:

Mr. Dreadful is kind of has the same height of Luigi and is thin. Mr. Dreadful wears the same clothes as a Shy guy but without a mask wearing blue gloves. Yet He still hides his face within the cloak. Yet under that cloak his head is a Bob-omb with the same smile of a Boo wearing the glasses of a Magikoopa.

This bio, or at least the appearance it discusses, makes no sense. The way it is written makes one thing of a stick figure with poorly sized clothes, weird gloves, and a bomb for a head with a deranged smile and some bizarre glasses. You do not simply add on random stuff and call it a character, especially in this confusing way. Now we look at how not to do a backstory:

Born in Hyrule. His child hood was spent listening to the stories of link and his brave adventures. Because of that Marx dreamed to become a hero. Yet his parents were killed by the undead one night. Having no other living family members him and his younger brother had to live on the streets of Hyrule. So to get money Marx had to use his musical talents with the red guitar given by his late father.

This is the real nail in the coffin. We've had characters who resembled others before, specifically Gibby, a kirby who was simply blue. But his backstory was wildly different from Kirby's; it made sense in that way. This character, on the other hand, has a number of cliches in his backstory. First, his parents were killed. Your character's parents don't need to be dead for them to join SSQ, no matter how much you may think they should. Second, he mimicks Link more or less exactly. There is a reason there is one Link; if there were two or three, they would likely collide into one another, and make it much harder to understand the story of the games.

So, the moral of this story is to BE UNIQUE. At the same time, it has to make sense. The character cannot automatically be a hero in their home realm; there has to be a reason. They cannot have god-like powers if they do not lose them; the Questers are not Gods. Finally, they should have some relation to their 'home', wherever it might be, so that if a mission should involve that quadrant, their relation can be properly referenced. A final thing--you cannot insert into a particular area things which wouldn't exist in the first place. Dragons do not exist in Oddworld; Pokemon do not exist on SR-388. The madness encountered with these sorts of crossovers has made it painfully obvious that, for anything to make sense, each realm should stay itself.

Finally, while these seem restrictive, the number one way to get your idea to work in one way or another is to simply ask Metal Man, Nick, or Wolf. They know the plot, and can help make your idea possible; sometimes it takes a little work to make it proper, but it's almost never impossible. Assuming you managed to read through all of that, congratulations! You are now ready to learn the system we use.