Sardis Mongul's Journal

-Page 1

"I, Sardis Mongul, have been commissioned by Smithy to unearth the secrets to a mysterious land named the 'X Zone.' Previous records show that a being named Dr. Ivo Robotnik went into that realm to revive his past weapons. After analyzing the remains of a so-called 'X-zone' found in the space near Mobius, I found a black sphere. It is my job to unlock it... Smithy says that not only will it fufill his own prophecy, but help another person like himself, to rule some distant world."

-Page 2

"I have connected the black orb to a variety of power sources, but it has yet to react. Could it be broken? I do not know. A low-frequency humming is made when a chaos drive is connected to it. My results show that it only works with chaotic energy... and lots of it... but how? No such power sources exist."

-Page 3

"I found an ancient Atlantean tablet. It said that the activation of this sphere would doom all who used it. I have no choice but to continue my experiments... After capturing a so-called 'Chaos Emerald', the machine began to violently activate. It sucked my lab into this... X-zone, but then ran out of power. The emerald had turned glass-clear... it was useless. We tossed it into the garbage. Our findings found that the real power source to this abomination could no longer exist." (There's a picture showing a black hole-esque phenomenon sucking in this guy's lab.)

-Page 4

"At last! We have discovered the true power source of this device. The find was taken from a translated slab. It is powered by the X-zone itself. By connecting the power in and power out poles together, the machine instantly became operational, and stable. This means it has unlimited power... it can summon the X-zone, which in turn increases the power available to it. Unfortunately, this does not mean that power is of unlimited electrical ability. This only means that it always has a constant source of energy."

-Page 5

"Smithy has taken our findings and become impressed. However, I worry for the world at large. There was no time to safety-proof it, before we tested it on a village bought in my name... the device took the entire village in, leaving a gaping crater. Immediately afterwards, it showed significant power gains. An ungodly device... I must make sure it does not malfunction."

-Page 6

The worst has happened. We tested the device on Eggman's face-base, sucking in the Master Egg and the madman himself. Unfortunately, a being named The Void flew out of our portal. He dissappeared after threatening us with total destruction. Smithy dismissed that... thing... as a joke, but findings report that there is more beings like him existing in the X-zone."

-Page 7

"The final time has come. Smithy has revealed his dire plans to us. To become unstoppable, he plans on sending all of Nintendus into the X-zone! The device was activated. Then we threw the Stolen Master Emerald into it. The power was enough to absorb an entire planet... just as predicted. It's been activated right---" (The writing blurs.)

-Page 8

"It was a disaster! The machine has been destroyed. I am marooned on a foreign moon of Nintendus. All I have is the orb itself... I am lost. I decided to write down the prophecy of the tablet... I have managed to send this page of my diary back to my best friend, Damien Shire. I hope he is reading this, because he alone can read the prophecy." (A picture of Damien Shire.)

-Page 9

"The great tablet says a very dire message. If the X-zone is activated, logic and reason will slowly lose their power. Furthermore, all continuity of existance will slowly be corrupted and destroyed, becoming like another X-zone. This will eventually merge into the X-zone, obliterating.... everything, just as the X-zone destroyed a world... dominated by Atlanteans!" (The page is written in weird, line-like shorthand. A translation, written in red ink, by Damien, is alongside it.)

-Page 10

"I have sent this using a prototypical device I found alongside the ancient tablet... it says something of 'Item Mover' on it. I found out how it worked. Unfortunately, it only had enough power to move this page. I have ripped out the rest of this book's pages. Only those who deserve to read them will see them."

-Page 11

On the reverse side of the tablet, I discovered a final, terrible prophecy. One which appears to overshadow the one which I first saw, which was actually on the back. It read as follows. "Those of true heart will unlock the greatest power in the universe. However, manipulated by an evil Wizard, they will unintentionally make a new God of the world, dooming themselves to exile." I must research this further. Is this the doom which was predicted? (An Eggman Empire logo is stamped on this paper; it was formerly in Eggman's hands.)

-Page 12

This moon is most mysterious. I have exploited an electrical energy found in its soil to send more pages. Unfortunately, I have no clue where they will go, nor where they belong. I can only hope... my life grows dimmer. (The other half of the page is ripped out.)

-Page 13

I continue staring at the prophecy... impossible! Impossible! I can't tell you how strange this development is. The table is... it is.... ..... .... I can't describe it very well. A shame. I thought I was home yesterday. I found something carved on the very bottom of it... cleverly hidden. 'There is a light at the end of the tunnel.' ...Does this mean I can escape this exile on this blasted moon? Exile? ...Excellent. A note is scribbled next to it, in Charles's handwriting. "I can assume, by his writing, that he is not as sand as when he wrote the previous pages."

-Page 14

At last! My exile is not over yet. I was afraid it would end yesterday. Or was that the day after? Time moves strangely now. I am affected by visions of confusing things. However, by following secret knowledge in them, I have gained mysterious powers. Perhaps the radiation from the sunlight has done this to me?

... .. .. ... ... ....The dots... they tell me something. Something important!

A weird picture of a spiderweb linking all the planets in the universe is shown here.

It is all linked... everything that has happened... and it is my job what that means.

Erratic dots are all over this page.

-Page 15


"I have escaped the moon, as well as the debilitating effects of the radiation thereof. It was by a satellite which crashed here... Smithy's make, of course. Now I shall return to Nintendus and continue the work which I had left behind..." (Another note by Charles: He has regained his sanity upon being able to escape the marooning.)

-Page 16

I have discovered something most disturbing, in my travels. Things... are not as they appear. Reality shifts. I, now back on Nintendus, search for answers to all that has happened. It makes no sense. Reality shifts. Reality... what has happened to you? All of my gauges are going off the scale!

Yes.... the world... it is falling apart. A great chaos has descended upon the land, and it has summoned the likes of Lumis Dongthar. People fight nonsensical, one-time existence entities, who vanish from existance in an instant. Time changes... physics are changing... am I still insane? Look at this! Some man... Kuja... has come from nowhere! He lead the Questers back through time... but why? They saw so many things...

...The world has not been saved. The Questers... must be warned. The prophecy... it clearly means they will lose to this man, Kuja. He will exile them, just as the prophecy says! But... that Eggman... he stole my writings! How will I help them... hmmm... I must keep on sending these papers...

-Page 17

The Questers have lost to Kuja, and the world was rent with unnatural powers that claim to be Solarian. But before I could do anything, I was sent 10 years into the future--all attempts to resist this were futile. I was even unable to departicle myself and go back in time, which is unusual. No being should be able to stop a full grown Solarian from controlling reality like second nature.

I write this as a warning for the Questers. I am going to warn them myself, indeed. They are in great danger, as usual. They are haunted by this Kuja; he goes to great lengths to destroy them. But he holds back... as if he knows something not even I don't. My ancient X-zone crystal, meanwhile, was excavated by a blasphemous machine of Magitek. One of The Void's old false towers was built and powered by it as if The Void had never died.

But I knew this couldn't be true. Too horrible. I checked it out myself and saw an impressive shield... so impressive, I knew it wasn't made by any humans. Some sort of race, other than Solarians or Maricians definitely made this. This entry is more verbose than others, because I have more to say.

As I near the Questers, I plan to put a stop to the chaos once and for all... the fact they have emeralds powered by it disheartens me, but I will not stop until I am dead.

I am warning you, Questers; stay away from chaos. Kuja alone is bad enough. I can't tell what is going on with those chaotic people who lurk between realms, but they don't seem too friendly to me. I will soon catch up to the Questers and reveal the horrible truth. Read this, architect of the ancient shield, and heed my words... I AM COMING.

(It ends there. The paper is singed on the bottom edge.)

-Charles's Page

It saddens me to write this, but I, Charles L. Magellean, half-Lunarian and half-human being, am the architect of the X-zone shield when Smithy first attacked Nintendus. While it was an incredible shield, the shielding itself was vulnerable to X-zone energy. The last known shield was infused and amplified by Magitek by the Solarian creating calling itself "Grodus."

This shield was destroyed by The Void after being summoned by the usage of the red Chaos Emerald. While it was summoned when the Quester Garrick Fy'arr utilized the emerald, it was actually used by me time and time again when I was taught to use it by the being known as Shadow the Hedgehog. Little did I know the consequences of my actions for overusing it.

Forgive me, Sardis. I will find a way to undo that which bounds me to the Chaos Emeralds like a curse whenever I utilize a different one at least once.

-Page 18

This realm is unsafe. Those who let their emotions overcome them appear to create phantom monsters of themselves. These beings are highly destructive and appear to lack true identities, relying on the originator to give them names. I was about to come, but then was stopped by intense radiation caused by not one, but two of these beings.

I am developing a countermeasure, but it may be too late for me to come in time. I warned you; the chaos will destroy everything, even Kuja, when allowed free reign. Guard your emeralds until the time is right, lest you destroy us all. I bid you much luck in this endeavor; you'll have to live long enough for me to arrive, after all."

(The page glows oddly, just like Vladimir did.)

-Page 19

(The page is written in sputtering ink.. the hand of a dying man.)

I.. have come... and revealed this... to the Questers. However, the dark being, Xalron, did his best to attempt to stop me... he did not know that the time had come for both of us to die. With but a short time, even as I crumble into dust, I saw... my final objective. The X-Zone... died.

Ever since warping into this realm to study The X-Zone, it has been a curse... now that it is dead, I can truly rest. My evil research into a weapon which would eventually threaten reality not once, but twice, has been rendered unusable. And I... helped deal the final blow. My countermeasure, activated by my death, activated a pearly white sphere I had created... unbeknownst to the Questers at the time, I had also placed the black one in the Special Zone.

With these last words... both activated at exactly the same time, and linked to one another. Both zones were teleported into one another, effectively nullifying both. The Void was contained inside his proper body, and the denizens of the X-zone were erased from existance. All of the Nobodies... vanished. And... I, too, am destroyed.

-Page 20

(The page is engraved by... energy. It appears to be ethereal.)

...Though my body and mind are near full death, and the X-Zone collapsing atop me... I leave you these final words.

Look yonder to the past... and ensure that no one revives the X-zone. If it should happen... the world would be destroyed. I am the last of my kind, and no more survive to help you. Any remaining souls are likely to be abominations... of the worst kind. ...Be sure to discover, too, the truth... for the Solarians did not die quite so quickly.. not nearly as they should have. They never flew here... they never teleported here... none stayed.

Good... bye....

(A very strange signature is engraved onto this page... then.. the other half of the book is here. It is complete.)