Season 1

The Shaky Start

In the beginning, the world was a peaceful place. So peaceful that the heroes of Nintendus chose to fight one another, rather than evil. This would be the beginning of a never-ending worldwide disaster. The first tournament, only containing heroes, went off without a hitch; even when the mysterious creator of the tournament chose to fight his contestants himself, the outcome was favorable for all parties involved.

Things went bad at about the same time evil people were allowed in this tournament. Ganondorf and Bowser, to be exact. Bowser was a chronic failure who had always been trying to kidnap Princess Peach, but he never succeeded. On the other hand, Ganondorf was too successful. He had complex plans involving time travel and magic which confounded his own enemy, Link, and also wound up giving him too many times to get overzealous. It was always when he turned from industrious to grandiose that he lost.

Anyway, these two fought in this new tournament for a while, but they were ultimately discontented with their circumstances. They were a constant target for the heroes in the tournament, and never truly won any fame. even worse, they had been forced to give away what made them unique--their attacking style. Having had enough, they both left. It would only be a few weeks before this would come back to haunt the Stadium.

For, soon enough, the Stadium was attacked by the trademark peons of these villians! A horrible situation had resulted; evil had returned, and it was about to make things very bad for business. Wolfman, who had been appointed leader of this business, realized what it would do, and came up with an insane plan. Fearing for business, he took the moves (which were planned to be sold to fans as novelty items) and gave them out freely to a group of people he called the Questers.

All of them were unlikely to actually be heroes; after all, they only came around when money was mentioned. But once given the moves, they seemed to have gained the heroic qualities of the original move owners. In a miraculous turn of events, the monsters (and their owners) were soon overwhelmed by these move-packing people.

But the moves of the evil fighters were corrupted; they seemed to bring out bad qualities in the people who owned them. Even worse, other inventions made by Professor Oak turned out to be of the same type as the moves; dangerous and prone to creating evil. The basic monetary motivation of these Questers also began to wear off, and many defected. The most notable of these was Zio.

Zio was a so-called "reformed" Dark Sorceror from another realm. Klumsy Koopa, the second-in-command of the Questers, had summoned him using one of Professor Oak's flawed inventions, the Transformer. Instead of summoning another being motivated for good, he summoned his exact opposite. The money originally captivated him into being loyal, but after seeing what his dark peers were up to, he grew jealous. Quickly enough, he betrayed the Questers, and created a great mess in his wake.

The truth had come out; the Questers were partially evil in their ways, and the more extreme were prone to doing this. In all, a few more Questers were set to betray their cause; and from these and their motivations came an undying antithesis to the Questers. But they had yet to surface completely, and Zio was killed somewhat quickly.

The true death knell for the original Questers was when their Stadium froze completely solid; from this a horrible disease, Slytock, was contracted. It stripped the Questers of their supernatural powers and then left them open for their traditional foes to attack. The final explosion eliminated the original society, and changed the world forever.