Just an update to the Timeline Graph and a note to prevent would-be lost people from thinking this site is up-to-date.
Well, the story has ended. We are now working on a new setup. I'm still inactive as of the moment, but... yeah. Every Saturday or so I'll be working on the new setup in general. Also, our 6th anniversary is coming up.
Still working on a new site, but my purpose is changed; The story has continued on to an extent that nothing can be new anymore, at least within its tight confines. To alleviate this I have begun work on an entirely new SSQ. Of course, this means changes. Which is why this site's been a tad inactive, besides my raging math homework. We will be a bit inactive for a bit as a new system is made and I design a new site setup, archiving this one in the process. It was fun, but ultimately the lack of planning, structure, or automation makes maintaining the current site more time-eating than I have time for. Hence, give or take a month or two, I'll have a new one which I can maintain easier, will have more information, and most importantly, will be more interactive with you, the user. Just gimme a bit and then you can see what I can really do...
Yeah, I was kinda inactive there, but I needed a breather, seeing as I've been doing SSQ nonstop. That and I got two colds one after another. Anywaaaay... I am building a more powerful SSQ site as I speak. Firstly I am building an automated machine which will allow me to basically write in logs really fast. Thanks to it I'll also probably have to redo what I have, but! Here is how it will go. Some people may want the original IRC code junk, so the .log files will be available, first and foremost. Then I'll use an IRC script to parse that, and probably do some more quick edits, and call that one the 'Director's Cut' version, as I personally prefer an HTML version with a certain set of edits... Finally, for you picky people or people with short attention spans, the Wolfman version, AKA quick little summary, will then also be put up. Especially since we might not have as much activity as we once had, archiving the old times has once again gained priority. I shall be sure not to fail it.
Exactly a month has passed, but you shall not be empty handed; SSQ101V5 has been updated, and I put in the latest chapter names to the Story. Coming up eventually: Vast char2.php improvements, so many I may call it char3.php instead. Luckily for you, it'll be on the interface end; your data is safe.
May have taken me about a month to update, but what an update it is. Complete SSQ101V5 overhaul, and a char2.php overhaul to boot. Check 'em out!
Still making up for the hiatus, I have created SSQ101 V5, henceforth obsoleting V4 to the archives. We now have a fairly complete database of stuff, but it's still being improved as I speak. Look out for new, amazing updates.
Over a month has passed, but it's well worth it, as in such time, I have coded the new Characters Page. Still buggy and such, but I invite all the current Questers to make their sheets in it. Forthcoming is the ability to add multiple things from the scrollboxes at once, and some increased intelligence with how it displays stats. The old Characters page remains up for posterity, but as of now it is discontinued.
Updating madness has officially begun. Today's subject: The new system. I'll be uploading pages for that and such as the day progresses.
This is Metal speaking. Naturally, the site's a little behind, but I'll begin catching it up as time goes on. Season 11 has finished for SSQ, and it means an end to the same storyline we've been continuing forever. The new shall pick up where the previous left off, though, so don't worry about your hard work being forgotten. In other news, Glyph no longer edits anything, due to some issues involving trust. Whilst his additions were nice, I'll have to wind up doing the work now. Perhaps with Wolfman's work.
Watch this space, we're changing things rapidly. idknow.php is no more; not enough time, plus I can format the pages manually. Char.php shall have the old charsheets up for viewing, then moved to archives. The Faq will be updated, story will be updated, a new "Information" section shall be made, SSQ101 shall be replaced with SSQ BRAWL System, and such... also, there may be some layout changes in the future; we may also become a sub-site of my growing website collection. So... stay tuned.
Glyph again. Metal readded style options to every page nicely again, and I added a redirect page to fit everything together. The style picker is obsolete again.
And this is Metal: I've redone navbar links and put up Chapter 122 which chronicles the Questers visiting Whaller. Also, I took down Holoroom as it's old and will probably have to be rethought later. Encyclopedia updates on hold as I think how to add it with the story and other things. Oh, yes, and there will be some major page stuff in the future!
Glyph here. Edited some pages to be more author-friendly. No more strange PHP errors on regular pages. This means the style picker is back, though.
Silently working behind the scenes; char.php updated, more story chapter listings. Summer will soon add to my updating capabilities.
Actually returned on the 23rd, but there isn't much to update, barring logs and other archival things. I did update some character sheets and the story page itself and the OOC timeline, though. Also, we're just a few days away from our fifth year here. Woo!
I will be gone until the 24th. John is in charge of the IRC room's final decisions until I get back. Please do not start any issues while I am gone--I will not be happy if so. I will finish the attacks when I get back, and then... Season 11!
Fixed up the site with the schemes and such, and I updated SSQ101V4 and the Story. Lots of updates, indeed--we're also working on an update to char.php. Also, added Simple Green scheme. No, it's not related to the cleaner.
After a lot of fighting, I've almost got the navbar to behave correctly across browsers. Will it work with most schemes, or most pages? No, not yet. Does it work on this page in the SSQ scheme? Probably. I'm still testing, but it should work right in Firefox, IE 7, IE 6, and possibly Opera. I'm gonna test IE 5 and Opera with it some more now that it's up.
A month and no updates. I've been slacking off, right? WRONG! Been busy GMing... updated Story page, put up Yurie's entry in the Encyclopedia, and integrated the stylize button into the navbar using a series of confusing, nasty, and crazy CSS commands. It only appears right under SSQ scheme for now, but that, too, shall be fixed. Also a new style, Simple Purple, by Darkdata, has been added. And... yes, I am aware we supposedly were going to merge with SSS, but that was called off due to disagreements as to the name... :p
And today I am proud to announce our merger with Super Smash Stadium, thus creating Super Smash Stadium Quest. I've also reshuffled the layout to update ourselves appropriately. Enjoy! (Happy April Fools!)
A new chapter in the Story (Chapter 121), bear with the fact that the styling seems broken there for now (it'll be fixed soon). Also the stylize button is now in the upper left corner... it doesn't work for all browsers, though. I may add some enemies to the holo-room, too. Also note the styling does not rely on page names anymore. Yay. Anyway, all is good.
Most of the updating these days seems to be done transparently... but for now we do have some things of note. Besides the character page and the idknow, which tend to be updated, there is now a style picker. It's primitive, but given enough time we'll integrate it into the pages themselves. For it to work fully, though, it does need cookies enabled. Also I've updated the number of chapters that have occurred in the story. Also, you may have noticed a shift in the site's code--most of these pages are at least partially rendered by PHP, as SSQ moves into the future. Also, I have combined the Manifesto and FAQ, leaving only the FAQ remaining.
As you can tell, we're a little slow on updates, now that the system doesn't need to be redone every five seconds. Using the power of PHP, Glyph Phoenix has created a little encyclopedia for us. Also, updated the Story Section links again. Also also, Cyber Solidus and X-Kales are in the Holo Room.
Did some slight CSS work; made this (and SSQ101) more friendly to browsers. Completed Chapter 81, finishing Season 3 entirely. Season 10 is under way already. Added Railgun Man and Plasma Trooper (both Quest Hunter units) to the Holo Room.
It may not look like anything was updated, but a LOT occurred behind the scenes. Season 9 is over, and we have a new Character management system. Of course, you have to join to actually be allowed to make an account there. Also some assorted updates to the Story section.
Major updates, folks. SSQ 101V4 goes to Chi version as I fix a number of small issues with it, and the holo room is now available, thanks to Glyph Phoenix.
Sorry for the lack of update notifiers, I actually did a ton of updating to the story section, and will do some more. SSQ 101 V4 will probably have some typographical errors fixed and gain another 100 levels of EXP stuff in the future; but currently I am polishing off Season 3 in the Story section. By the way, check out all the new story chapters. Also I moved all the old updates to the old updates section--Happy New Years!
Well, I'm updating the story section. Two new chapters, updated statistics, the works. Check it out for some nostalgia.
Long time no update, eh? Well, SSQ101 V4 Phi has been working our so well, it hasn't required updates. And College Finals. How I loathe them. Anyway, I added some FAQs for people who need answers when I'm not around, and a compressed history of SSQ in the Story. By the way, I hope to continue making logs soon.
Some edits to the Story, and also to the navbar (which was otherwise hideously outdated.) I'm thinking up some new content for this site. --> Quester Manifesto updated, logo updated.
Nonstop work on SSQ 101, but I also fixed a type on John's bio, about the 'Dark eye.'
Working on updates to SSQ 101V4.
With Season 8 completed (yesterday) I shall begin the website overhaul today.
Added chapters to the story; John's bio is now up. That took FOREVER AND A HALF AND A YEAR. @_@
Well, updated SSQ101V4 to 'Tau', the bugfixer release. Also, a new mission map and more Story page updating; expect another log soon.
The site will require some relatively heavy updating. The Characters section and CAL, for example, need total revamps. I shall start first, however, with the Characters section.
I got my new computer. Soon I shall resume many things; for now, I'll probably look for typos and fix minor stuff. I'll update this main page if there's anything major to report.
Well, it's not much, but I've updated the chapter listings and added a new, updated Hierarchy chart for the characters of Seasons 1-6. Expect more soon, as my computer is nearly here. Would already be here, had Fedex not failed to get their truck here when they said it would be here.
A couple dead computers later, I still manage to update the chapters in the Story. Even though I lack a computer for myself for now, I'll probably do some more updates sooner or later. Missions continue, though. :)
A new story chapter, more Timeline updates, and the like for today. Enjoy.
Vehicles are finally up, at long last, plus a minor story page update. I'm still chasing those 404s, but it may take a while to resolve them. Also, the main website, of which this will be a section, has crossed the boundary from 'idea' to 'prototype.' Also, we now have a favicon made by Aegis, and we actually appeared on CBS (see the episode of the Early Show from today) on a sign with the word 'SSQ' alongside 'I am RMC'. Also, I made an official SSQ timeline for the Story Section.
Time flies. Another story log up, timeline updated, story page has newest chapter names added.
Another story chapter up. You may notice some typoes in it--they'll be fixed once all of Season 3's logs have been done.
Thanks to the power of Search and Replace, yet another chapter has been added!
Some updates to the Story section. Expect general fixes to site errors, as I get things 100% working.
SSQ has moved to this new server. For now it will be the main site, however soon it'll be a subsection of my own website. Enjoy the complete lack of ads.
Slight update to SSQ 101 V4 based on armor; next chapter(s) added in story. A log and some more updating coming soon.
Added information in story on newest chapter, put up a different character bio, and updated SSQ 101 V4 to include new weapon info. Look in the Story for the archived weapon info if you're in need of selling the old ones.
Pardon our dust. We're currently doing some semi-major system adjustments. Oh, yes, and here's the Character Page for ya. Also, SSQ 101 V4 is now 'Rho' Build. Check out the attacks!
Despite a few arguments, I've managed to update SSQ 101V4 to the 'Pi' and start Season 8. Mission today!
Check out SSQ 101 V4 for yet more changes, mostly to due with armor. We start tomorrow at 3:00 PST, 6:00 EST, and eight billion o' clock ZST.
Manifesto changed up, OOC rules added. SSQ 101 V4 now in 'Omikron' build, which is still under construction.
On the last minute of today... I update story and proclaim end of Season 7. New season in about a week and a half!
For a minor change of pace, I updated the story and added a new chapter, Gargoyle Stew. It's a little rough, but decent.
Even more tweaks to SSQ 101 V4, plus a minor tweak (added the name of the last chapter so far) to the Story.
Few more tweaks to SSQ 101 V4 and the CAL.
Sorry for the lack of updates-- partial work on SSQ 101 V4, and mild story updating.
Updated the Story page and CAL to be up-to-date. Another Story Log, the Holo-room, and such will be forthcoming. Also, navigation bar updated.
SSQ 101 V4 now 'Nu' version. Planning on adding vehicles REALLY soon. It's 12:40 AM, and I still need to add to the Story page.
Random updates to story, SSQ101 V4 (Which will be upgraded again shortly) and we have a Topsites button. Whee.
Some more updates to SSQ 101V4, which is now Mu build. I redid DR piercing, renamed Spell to 'Homing', moved two debilitating attacks to the proper section, removed the redundant and confusing Damage and DR ranges in Weapons and Armor, added the ability to make Random Projectile attacks, and stuff. I also added in the new chapter names to the Story.
I did some small changes to SSQ 101V4; mainly I reworded machinegun, redid armor prices, added shortcut navigation things to it, and clarified some stuff near the bottom of the first cluster of text in the weapon section. Also, new mission selection map in the story, new chapter names added, stats updated there.
CAL is up, Chapter 100 is up, and I'm looking at finishing more loose ends. Stay tuned.
The Quester Manifesto is up for everyone to look at.
I've got the whole thing completed now. Begin... your charsheets!
Put on up the X0 bonuses. I'd do the items, only I must go to a party for the rest of today. x.x
I got a new mouse, which has ended the reign of terror that the old one had. I.E. the old one made my arm feel like it was on fire. Oh yeah, SSQ 101 V4 is now at the Theta build. Groovy!
I've completed another update on SSQ 101 V4, containing most (but not all) of the abilities, making it the Eta build. Enjoy!
A bit slow on the updates, if I say so myself; but I've got the Epsilon Build up.
Season 6 ended about 3 days ago; new work being done; Systopia is officially dead, while I prepare to (despite a busy schedule) get SSQ 101V4 off the ground. Oh, yeah, and check out the map in the Story section.
Now at Delta; expect new chapter titles to come up sometime soon.
I finished work on Gamma, and am almost done with Delta too; the story page was overhauled and got some logs, and Season 6 is nearly finished. Expect more updates tomorrow.
Up for today: a little overhaul of this page right here. With a 60% possibility of me actually completing SSQ 101 V4 Gamma.
Still alive here, folks. Mild update to the story page; expect another log as soon as I figure out what stuff it should have in it. Also, SSQ 101 is sort of in-between Beta and Gamma right now.
SSQ101 Version 4 is now beta, with a full complement of weapon information. Expect abilities to be next.
Yet another log completed. A new feature added to the Story page.
Two logs completed; more on the way.
Through miracle, luck, or just my own overcautious nature, I have managed to get all my data back without paying a single dollar. Stay tuned for logs for every mission ever made... approx~1 log made every two days.
I have begun updating the story, and will make logs soon. Later Update: A new log has been finished.
Still working on things. I've got a new, better idea for site navigation, but as you might see, it has some bugs. I also fixed up some technicalities in Systopia. I'll get to the rest when I'm less tired.
I'm working on a PHP-based layout. I also updated The Void and Sardis Mongul's entries in the story. They will eventually moved to the Characters section.
Updated some more; new drawbacks and abilities, removal of redundant ones which were replaced by status effects.
Put up Status effects. Check em out!
Well, more updates to sidebar and Systopia (courtesy of Nick), and I demolished that hall of shame/Quester Museum for those who fret about it. And I'm using my native Ubuntu FTP to update now.
Happy New Year. As you can see, I'm still working on the site. The updates from last year have been put into the old updates, and I'm planning some more special stuff. While I didn't log some updates, you'll be happy to know the EXP chart has been fixed and the elements are beginning to be put up. The sidebar is also under work. And a new section, err, revival of an old one, "Characters", is in the making.
As usual, constant updating. I'm getting the site ready for next year. If you're a site or other RPG I consider a friend, ally, or just something to link to, please send an appropriate button-sized picture for me to link with.
Well, I must have been drunk that time I said the attacks were so close to being done. Two days later, I managed having to almost redo everything. NOW they are finished. Enjoy them... please... I've been working forever on it! *passes out*
FULL SPEED AHEAD! I have ported over plenty of old stuff. We're going to start this Wednesday, come heck or high water or all of the SPs from SSS with laser guns.
Happy birthday to me. Well, it isn't much, but the Attack system (Which proves to be slow-going) is now in 'Epsilon' revision. That is, we only have to do a little bit more before it is finished. And have some happy holidays too.
Work continues to be in progress on the attack system, which still isn't finished.
I have begun to put up the framework of the attack system. xpect it to be completed by the end of today.
The main phase of system construction itself has finished (mostly); I am reorganizing things so that it can be put up. Of major notice, every page on the site will be revamped by the time I am done.
Incoming! New system. We're changing things around here, so don't mind my dust. Also, SSQ 101 V3 is now outdated. And I'm doing all of this with Linux, too... Wolfman would be proud.
The replacement weapon system is 100% finished, and I'm preparing to do some other small updates throughout the site.
In the time it took me to make this update, I finished up a replacement weapon system. It's only for you to look at for now, but soon you'll get to use it for real.
I fixed most of the CSS problems, and put up two more chapters. I have plans for a nifty new thing that would allow you to browse story chapters without leaving the table of contents, too. And I did a whole heck of a lot in SSQ 101. FINAL SET OF ELEMENTS are up, as is the new abilities, which replace quirks and badges. Check it all out!
I've put up another story chapter, but the CSS is currently misbehaving. I'll fix it soon.
Black Saturday has occurred... my laptop hard drive was destroyed, with it logs on Season 4. Chapters 111-155 are gone. I have got up the log of the most recent session, though. We will continue, just... without some logs.
Season starts today. Charles's moves added to melee move list.
Another log up. It's the 82nd chapter. Yup... I found out I had accidentally skipped a log. All the log filenames and stuff are what they should be.
It may have been a while, but I got FOUR logs up. Read them, please?
The bulk of the vehicle section is up now. I'm nearing the end of my whole upgrade extravaganza; we'll be starting back up soon!
Well, I put up the beginning of the Vehicles section in SSQ 101, and chapter 89 in the story section.
My endless amount of small updates continues, as I add many more armor upgrades and mull over how to split apart the largest log ever. Oh, yeah, more logs coming soon too.
I have finished what must be the largest log ever. I may just split it up into three pieces... I'll even be adding some more to it and editing it later. Enjoy it!
I've broken into the Armor section, getting things going, more minor edits. SSQ 101V3 is going well.
I have finished my work with the elements. They're all ready. That leaves only a few other things...
The new set of items, a change log thingy, and minor edits to the levelup table have been completed in SSQ 101 V3, though we have a bit of a ways to go.
Season V has ended. I'm gonna be doing a mega super duper centura update of doom while we're on a short hiatus. Also, I will make SSQ 101 v3. The Story page has been updated.
And today, I put up one new spell combo (elemental Kinesis) finish melee moves, and put up three old maps in the story section. I hope you like it.
A new story update. At last, Chapter 87 is complete. Oh, yeah, fixed a date error with my updates too. And as always, make sure to check SSQ 101 for anything you might have missed.
More updates to caster/mage build. SSQ 101 is currently being updated yet again; however that's only to make it better and better.
Another bunch of random stuff updated, another ton of old updates put in their place.
Season 2's logs have finally been completed. The Quester Museum has been started to boot, and I think I'll be doing some Melee Moves soon enough.
Two story logs (Dracula's Really Short Return and An Alien Encounter) up, making Season 2 almost complete. I'm also keen on finishing all of the Melee Moves.
The constant sporadic updates continue, with some more melee moves and some more story chapter names.
I've been updating sporadically for a while. Some new things include a story feature about The Void, some typo fixing and updating of SSQ 101, and listing recent happenings for story chapters. Oh, yeah, more melee moves up. I'll get more things done when the roleplaying slows down in September, don't fret.
Seems like a bit of quiet here, but in reality I just added in a neato new navigation frame. Also, I'm gonna update SSQ 101, create the 'Quester Museum', and do some various stuff.
Well, along this time, I've given several updates to SSQ 101 V.2, converted people's sheets, and updated the navigation bar.
I graduated from high school yesterday! ..And the power of caffiene combines with bored to bring you the all-new, redone notes of mine! Check them out. -->Later update: New story log by Garrick, the one about the bananas, here.
The final updates are being put together. There will, most likely, be more, all at once.
SSQ 101 V.2 is almost finished. A BIG site update will occur then.
Don't worry, I've been working on the new and better-than-ever SSQ 101 V.2. That'll be up when Season 5 begins. I also changed the site colors to work with almost any browser, and made a new logo. Enjoy!
New mirror up. My old 100megsfree site shall serve as a (limited) mirror.
School will be keeping me busy for a while, but I still managed to add another Story chapter. The factions page continues to need an overhaul.
I created the tutorial section, which should help new people understand things that SSQ 101 seems to make difficult.
Another small update. I added Aribar's hall of fame entry to the Factions page... though it's only 90% completed.
Well, after becoming an SP at SSS, and editor of the Ogs section, you might be thinking that I'll slow down on updates. WRONG! Well, I'm giving the Factions page yet more reorganization, writing down the name of yet another chapter in the Quester Saga, and probably updating the Earth bio.
April Fools ovah! Wah! Well... back to the old layout. And with that, I plan on adding an extra story chapter, updating SSQ 101, and probably fiddling with the Factions page yet some more. Ever since the system has become stable, though, there isn't too much non-archival work to do.
Taking a page from Sean Kelly, I've not only updated the Factions page, but added in little snippets of information that appear when you move the mouse over them.
By now, I've put up a bio for Kuja, a hall of fame entry for Locos, and a new story chapter. Enjoy, as usual.
What seemed to be a gap in updating was actually adding story chapters, adding backgrounds to tables, and putting up the Golden Age section. Enjoy!
Two more story chapters!
A few changes here or there, three more new charts, the usual.
Long time no update, eh? Well. The system thing has been mostly fixed. All that's left are the weapons and that Mega Smasher thing. Oh yeah, and I'll post the many new limits in their own section.
It's system updating time! Look at SSQ 101 for details. I'm also gonna change all broken things so that they're no longer broken.
After years of looking at other people's comics and having my own ideas, I finally caved in and made my own. Don't expect NC quality, though--at best, maybe a few quick laughs or even just spriting practice for me.
I've actually been updating constantly, buuuut now for a logged update. I'm getting the whole site ready for Season 4, so expect a variety of changes. Oh yeah, pulling the plug on the Sound page, twas used 3-4 times at most, and half of the sounds are meaningless right now.
Well, that winds up my big push for cleaning everything up. Expect all the mirrors to be updated soon.
Happy New Years! I'm putting in a new layout. Jay has given me a program which helps me put the navbar on all my pages (save for a few...), so I made a golden statue in his honor.
Happy New Years! The items are up. Hooray!
I've had a variety of places host SSQ. Now, all of them shall be linked together. If one dies, then there's always the other mirrors. I hope the Digibase mirror will be back up soon.
I've added a new story, updated a char sheet, and updated SSQ 101. Snow goes bye bye!
Say hello to our new mirror! It's 1 gig, it's free, and it's all thanks to a guy named Xeron.
I'll get you some real updates soon. This is just to say that SSQ is never out of order. Ignore what you may have seen in the channel topic.
After updating some random stuff, I'm gonna add some more detail to SSQ 101.
Updated some bios.
I've got more bios up in the factions area, and some updates. Any Questers who haven't sent me bios yet, please do.
Some minor bio and scroller updates. Digifanatic's bio is up. I'll add some stuff to the constitution, too.
I changed the site theme again. It's even snowing at the top of this page!
I've added some bios, some stuff to the credits.
I've updated the story. Oh yeah, check out the 'lost' mission that has now been logged. The Lost Mission
I'm updating some random things. Story logs come AFTER this season is finished.
I've been updating SSQ 101 with the help of staff members. More new stuff scheduled to come.
A somewhat large update, complete with a brand new factions page and an update to the SSQ 101 page.
Well, changed the site to reflect Thanksgiving. Some updates in the future, but I need more players.
I've been adding more and more to SSQ 101. Please read it carefully.
Putting in the bottom of page ads. They may not be very pretty, but they're the reason we have this space for free. Oh yeah, slight update to credits, and maybe yet another update to SSQ 101.
I set the site for a 'Halloween' look. I'm also gonna finish up SSQ 101, since it seems to be working very well.
The CSS sheets are done. Now it's time to put up Season 3 stuff... then you can join. Yay. You might notice the updates that are not here. They've been moved into the archives.
I HAVE DESTROYED THE TOPCITIES ADS! REJOICE! I also put in the CSS style sheets. So, depending on what I feel like, the entire site's layout will change! *Dunks hands into a bucket full of ice*
Hey hey. We're almost done witht he system. The major site update comes next. Sorry for the wait.
Might as well change the system too.... and continue some random updates of doom.
Don't mind the break, we're doing some plot maintenence and stuff, it'll be worth it when we resume.
For today's update, I'll add some stuff to the Quester listing, add some new MegaMan weapons, redo the horrible and confusing ranged weapon table, and maybe add to the How to Join Page. Enjoy.
And with today comes Bob, Lord of Electric Death's log. Enjoy... it took forever to write. I'll write the next one after my fingers recuperate...
I'm gonna do some random things to pass the time. Not much has been occurring in the chatroom recently.
I'm beginning the update with the story. Soon, all of season two shall be up for your reading pleasure.
Mondo update coming up. Season 2 has finally ended.
I'm doing some general cleanup, you name it, and the occasional update.
Equipment is mostly updated.
MEGA update. I'm getting the site all spiffed up and cleaned up now that we're going again.
Been continuously updating. Trying to get story logs and member sheets all together.
Another update. If I do enough tiny updates, my backlog should die. Oh yeah, I should put up my backlog.
Doing the heart of updating. Putting up characters section.
Still some more updating.
I'm almost complete with ALL system-related things. We need yah to join soon.
A minor shift in direction has brought us back to where the old SSQ left off. That, and we're now using D20 Modern. Impending update stuff.
I'm not kidding. We're continuing soon. And at this rate, I'm gonna need to clean up this sorry mess of a website.
...We are in a hiatus for now, and thus.... go to #Mobius for now... UNLESS... more people come.
Well then, two weeks until I can really begin big updates. Oh, yeah, and today, SSQ turns 2.
Starting today, I'm making the Constitution easier to understand. That way, I don't I have to answer the same question again and again and again!
Doing some more small updates, school tends to take up my time.
Misc. Updates around, I'm working my way up to putting up those char sheets.
Character sheets and weapon shop pages coming soon. In the meantime, I put up another story chapter. Behold, the spiffy news ticker!
Still updating, just not many messages on what... story has been fixed up.
Eh, well, major reconstruction time. Happy May Day. And I hope some people saw my ads...
Gonna do a big update soon, and we're nearing the end of our little Mario theme.
Put up that spiffy picture, with the link to the SMBHQ chat page. And I'm updating char sheets, mission board, shop, and of course story.
Welcome to the Special Attack system rollercoaster. Yes, it's changing again. No, you don't have to worry, Aribar.
Say hello to the new Special Attack System. You will be required to convert your moves to this eventually. You may choose to do it by yourself, or have me do it... just remember I can only guess some factors of a move.
Another story chapter up, and several characters up, and mission board update.
New story chapter finished, the game is now going.
We're going to do a slight system change before the game starts, however I do not expect it to take too long. I also made the weapon rolls on the constitution make more sense.
Added characters, updated Constitution, created Mercenaries page.
Added new information to the Constitution, finished Mission Board.
Behold, the new SSQ. Many new things are in the works... stay tuned.
I'm not kidding. We're continuing soon. And at this rate, I'm gonna need to clean up this sorry mess of a website.
...We are in a hiatus for now, and thus.... go to #Mobius for now... UNLESS... more people come.
Well then, two weeks until I can really begin big updates. Oh, yeah, and today, SSQ turns 2.
Starting today, I'm making the Constitution easier to understand. That way, I don't I have to answer the same question again and again and again!
Doing some more small updates, school tends to take up my time.
Misc. Updates around, I'm working my way up to putting up those char sheets.
Character sheets and weapon shop pages coming soon. In the meantime, I put up another story chapter. Behold, the spiffy news ticker!
Still updating, just not many messages on what... story has been fixed up.
Eh, well, major reconstruction time. Happy May Day. And I hope some people saw my ads...
Gonna do a big update soon, and we're nearing the end of our little Mario theme.
Put up that spiffy picture, with the link to the SMBHQ chat page. And I'm updating char sheets, mission board, shop, and of course story.
Welcome to the Special Attack system rollercoaster. Yes, it's changing again. No, you don't have to worry, Aribar.
Say hello to the new Special Attack System. You will be required to convert your moves to this eventually. You may choose to do it by yourself, or have me do it... just remember I can only guess some factors of a move.
Another story chapter up, and several characters up, and mission board update.
New story chapter finished, the game is now going.
We're going to do a slight system change before the game starts, however I do not expect it to take too long. I also made the weapon rolls on the constitution make more sense.
Added characters, updated Constitution, created Mercenaries page.
Added new information to the Constitution, finished Mission Board.
Behold, the new SSQ. Many new things are in the works... stay tuned.
4/02/04 10:35 PM PST - Metal
April fools joke aside, the truth is that I will be giving SSQ to Yurie for the time being, while I do another RPG. I will return in a while, and web site updates will still be done by me. (HAPPY BELATED APRIL FOOLS!)
4/01/04 12:51 PM PST - Metal
Hal Emmerich is now the official owner! He gets to do everything, as he is far more efficient than I am. All hail Hal Emmerich! (HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!)
3/12/04 5:47 PM PST - Metal
We have the factions page up, and some char sheet changes. Yippee!
3/10/04 10:41 PM PST - Metal
I update! I'll getcha some story stuff goin.
3/7/04 10:37 AM PST - Metal
I'm fixing up those ads with the ones I prefer... no more lag from textads.biz.
3/3/04 11:18 AM PST - Metal
Some random updates have been going on for the last days... I'll get to the story soon.
2/26/04 11:02 PM PST - Metal
Despite the flu, I have updated 2 sheets and created the new story page... a tribute to the old SSQs willl be held soon.
2/25/04 10:14 PM PST - Metal
Here I am, putting in another brief update. The story's about to start, and I've added John to the characters, as well as fixing an ANNOYING error with the smash moves. Oh, and just on the side, I'll be doing more on leap day!
2/14/04 4:50 PM CST - Jack
Well well, first logged update in a while, ay? I've gotten the shops all nice and retooled for ya, folks. Story section and a brand new fabrication system page are coming soon. Oh, and happy valentine's day.
1/31/04 11:41 PM CST - Jack
More stuff for ya. Melee Moves and the Final Fantasy spell list, as well as a few re-routed links. I'm gettin' a char sheet together too.
1/31/04 9:11 PM PST - Metal
MASSIVE update time! New stuff coming right up!
12/18/03 12:32PM PST
I just.. finished... a single story chapter. MAN those things are long to do these days... char sheet updates are pending despite my slow updatingness. Oh, I just managed to do some more chapters, and now maybe some updates to the Constitution and etc.
12/6/03 12:22PM PST
I'm gonna futz with the old story section. Maybe some new stories, maybe. Edit: Updated my own notes with more information.
11/30/03 5:02 PM CST (Nick)
The Story section has been re-worked. You can still view the old story if you so desire, but I don't know why you would. ¬¬ ... Jaaaay... could you move that piece of advertising to the TOP of the screen, please?
11/30/03 10:09PM PST
I'm updating the char sheets today.
11/27/03 10:21AM PST
A new season begins... as will a new section. Version I Archives.
11/24/03 11:07AM PST (Metal)
I'm finishing up Sonic's moves and attempting to fill in the Story section as much as possible. If you want anything else, just tell me.
11/21/03 10:29AM PST (Metal)
My own shop has been uploaded, and I believe I can finish Sonic's moves soon.
11/19/03 7:56PM PST (Metal)
And yes, I am updating the char sheets. Sonic's moves should be up eventually. I may take a little while though.
11/19/03 8:23PM CST (Nick)
Nick Caligo here. Yeah, I'm back. Miss me? No? Too bad. I'm still back. I'm screwing with the shops page so you guys can USE that currency that just mounded up in previous seasons. Plus we're not using Wing Fortress any more. That was a poor idea. Anyway, you should all definitely be looking forward to the new stuff I'm implementing. For example, you can now catch Pokemon and send them into battle (though only once per 'mon). Also, there's tons of new items to YOINK! *ahem* Anyway, Metal's updating the char sheets, so that's a good piece of news too. The argument over Hal's mission and the EXP awarded has been settled. Oh, one more thing. Wario's moves are being added. He should've been in the SSBM roster from the FIRST game.
11/12/03 12:50PM PST
Here comes the prequel to tomorrow's big update-a-thon! I've updated a couple character sheets, so all is going as planned..
11/5/03 11:29AM PST
Another update for all of you fans. We have quite a storyline that's nearing its finish, several new enemies, and lotsa people coming back. Woohoo!
10/24/03 11:38AM PST
It's real creepy here in LA.... a big fire has blotted out some of the sun, and there's red sunlight... anyway, there's a major story update.
10/23/03 1:28PM PST
More char page updates today. Oh, and go to here to try out the new mIRC. Check out the items page.
10/20/03 1:19PM PST
I updated, adding 2 new sections and making the character sheets up to date. Expect story updates soon!
10/20/03 12:08AM PST
Doing more Char section updates. So far so good... may implement some more old stuff.
10/19/03 8:40AM PST
Working on the character section right now. Also have more old funky ads to deal with. But, the site is starting to look like it should...
10/18/03 4:03PM PST
As of now, the entire page (minus individual story chapters) has been recovered and converted to the new ad format. Now, to get cracking on a few updates and other stuff.
10/6/03 8:28PM PST
I have reftped the site, and in the process of recovery. On a lighter note, we are back. Link to mIRC going to be put up.
One final mission for old style system, then we change to BESM. I shall put up a download for the manual as it will explain most aspects of this system. 45 char points to spend. Good luck.
6/20/03 (Metal)
The truth has been unveiled... a new dimension... a new system... coming up after Kairn has been destroyed.
6/11/03 (Metal)
Blaugh. Well, here's your REAL update today. NFS4 took up my time yesterday. X_X
6/10/03 (Metal)
Updated character sheets, and a new chapter. Give a hearty welcome to a new face, Metalmallow!
6/8/03 (Metal)
Cleaned up the character page a bit. Should be another mission today. Oh, also inserted my name into the Constitution. Moved old updates to another page.
6/7/03 (Metal)
All the Character Pages are up and running, and another Chapter is due in the Story.
6/6/03 (Metal)
My FIRST EVER UPDATE! Today, I shall bring this site back up to date, but soon, it will be all up to date for season 3. For now, major construction.
4/17/03 (Wolf)
My major projects have ended, so I can focus on this again. I gave a GM a chance to host a mission, but apparently he can't, so I'm trying to get this one started. However, I can tell that the end is coming...unless something drastic happens, there might not be many missions left.
3/28/03 (Wolf)
Got some chapters up, and a custom level up taken care of.
3/27/03 (Wolf)
After a cursed Spring Break and too much homework, I finally took care of unfinished business from a Monstro Town mission. Chapters are next, along with other things.
3/9/03 (Wolf)
Surprised? Yes, I can update too. Now that I was able to download the proper files, I managed to put up a few updated pages from the previous mission that took place a few days ago. The specific chapter that takes place with that mission isn't up yet, but it will.
3/5/03 (Alys)
WOAH! Someone's actually UPDATING! Guess what? We got a foot of snow over here in the armpit of the universe... and yet those IDIOTS are keeping school open. Not that anyone cares or anything. Just figured I'd point out how STUPID the administration is because WE CAN'T EVEN SEE THE ROAD. Anyway, let's get to the important stuff. First, I fixed a bunch of crap in the weapons pages. Second, most of the characters are updated. Except for the moves you earned, because only Wolfman knows how to do that, and he hasn't told me a dang thing. Third, though the chapters themselves are not finished, I've added the places for each one on the story page. Fourth, and finally, Zio and the Quester Hunters have been removed, but in Zio's place, a new, even WORSE villain has risen. Check it out for more info.
1/25/03 (Alys)
Added a chapter, updated several characters yesterday... the usual crap.
1/24/03 (Wolfman/VG)
Still have no school today, so that means makeup work is emminent (BOO!). I at least took care of the stats from the Mack mission and uploaded the appropriate chapter. Game & Watch has some new items at the store, along with reduced prices. I still wish to have a few more voluntary emails from you Questers before I put up the contact page: I only have about 2, not counting myself. In other news: Zelda Classic is finally getting rid of the beta bugs...just has a few more to fix; the reality TV shows are going to bomb; and my birthday is in 5 days.
1/23/03 (Wolfman/VG)
It's snowing like crazy in my town today: that means no school! So, I figured I'd toss in a few character bios and do some cleaning up. Remember, I'm not putting up my contact page until I have some people who are willing to be contacted by forms. The contact page is setup so that you Questers can chat with each other, plan to trade items, or ask me to fight someone. However, I require your consent first.
1/22/03 (Wolfman/VG)
I took care of the missing chapters and updated a few character pages. There is also a Yahoo group for message board and minor chat purposes if you want: it's here. The Smash Dex Entries...I might handle that a bit differently at this point, I don't know; as for the contact page, I wish for everyone who is willing to be emailed for questions, trades, and the like to email me so that I can set it up properly. At this point, I don't think it's possible to make it a passworded site, for I haven't read every single line of topcities's ToS. But other than that, Melee Stadium is back in business!
Late update: Since stronger enemies are wanted, the Questers need an edge. Here come the weapons!
1/21/03 (Alys)
I've--FINALLY--got the backup site done. There's only ONE instance you should EVER encounter popups on this backup site, and that's if you click a broken link. I've tested all of them, and there are TWO broken links to worry about, those being the last two chapters in the story, namely "Power Possessed Changes" and "Metroid Mayhem," which I currently don't have. Link, for helpin' us out, I'll see to it you get some kind of bonus... not sure WHAT right now... but something. Weapons'll be up soon.
1/10/03 (Alys)
First, I've uploaded the last chapter that I owe you guys. Second, the Quester Hunters are updated. Now I can work on the Weapon system.
1/10/03 (Wolfman/VG)
Just a few Melee profiles and the Melee Stat chart today. More will probably happen over the weekend.
1/8/03 (Alys)
Updated the stats from last mission. Just gotta handle your level up bonuses. Expect the Quester Hunters to be updated to reflect Meier Link's defeat, and the story to be updated with those three missing chapters soon.
1/6/03 (Wolfman/VG)
School started for me today, but at least I can leave early from it. While some behind the scenes updating was done in the past few days, today is an official one. The "Tuna" Chapter was uploaded a few minutes ago. Some character bios will be uploaded soon, and I'm thinking of a new section on the website for polling.
12/31/02 (Wolfman/VG)
First, the bad: My email address went kaput last night...well, maybe not fully kaput, but kaput enough for me to get a new one. My email address is at wolfman2000@usa.com at this time.

Now the good: ALL Stats from Star Steel's Metroid mission have been uploaded, including his chapter. Just in time to celebrate the new year if you ask me.

12/29/02 (Wolfman/VG)
I wish to thank you Questers for trying to be helpful on that mission last night. It ended up taking ALL of us to do a little GMing work just to get to the end. For those that I had to GM personally at the end, they will receive a small bonus since it was past midnight for when that part took place. As for the others...Alys and I need to receive the stats before any real updating can begin. All I can do is just upload a new character to the RPG, Ranma.
12/28/02 (Wolfman/VG)
Everyone who claimed their gifts has their gifts uploaded. Those that didn't claim have a * by their name on the character page, and those I'm unsure of have a # by their name. I also uploaded a few Melee bios. My next target is probably going to be the mini game page. I will open up that page once the third game is made. That third game is going to be one that Aribar suggested: Duck Hunt! Speaking of which, I'm thinking of having that dog from Duck Hunt be our mascot...I'll let you Questers decide that, however.

PS: I'm sure I didn't overwrite anything important, but if I did, let me know.

12/26/02 (Alys)
The stats from the Christmas mission have been uploaded. A few of you have to get your bonuses. VG's taking care of the gifts you recieved.
12/25/02 (Wolfman/VG)
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...well, not this website anyway. However, I am giving gifts to just about all of the Questers who at least participated in a mission. If you can't come today, then do come soon.
12/23/02 (Alys)
It's 2:00 in the morning. I'm watching Men in Black II, eating candy, and sucking down as much soda as my poor bladder can handle. I've just converted the whole site to Arial 2.

On a side note, Kinnin, Metal, I have to handle both your level ups from last night's mission.... Sleep??? What sleep??? I don't need.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
....Christmas mission... coming... ASAP...
12/22/02 (Alys)
Okay, I've fixed the problems with VG's last update. Too many DL tags were added, and my old update to this section was erased completely. I have once again removed the pointless reinitations will begin soon thing, and Part III of FotS is coming. Other parts are all up.
12/22/02 (Wolfman/VG)
At this moment, I'm currently calculating the totals from the 3-part mission that took place over the last four days, so character pages will be updated soon. After I'm done with those stats and putting up the chapters, I plan on taking the back seat for a bit and let Alys and Setzer handle some missions. It's quite obvious that this website STILL needs some information, and I will handle a good deal of that. One such section is going to be about the Smash Dex. Since the message board format didn't exactly work, it will probably be one big page worth of information. Some of that information will be more...detailed than what was given on some occasions, but things often happen behind the scenes that allow for more information to be found. Also, the awards page is officially OUT of the system. Expect some of what I've just said up by either Sunday night or Monday.
Well, I got the character pages updated from the last mission...but I still have more to go. However, it's enough so that a mission can take place.
12/17/02 (Wolfman/VG)
Yes, I can update myself. I uploaded the dreamland mission chapter and some Melee Character bios. I am planning a new section that will be based on various mini-games I have introduced to the Stadium; each game uses one character's special move. Two are right now up and running: Judgement and Flip Cards. Ask me if you guys want to play on occasion and I might be willing to put something on the line if you win.
12/15/02 (Alys)
I put up a couple of chapters last night, and now all the stats from FotS are up. VG's considering the new battle arena, and says it might be up in a few days.
12/14/02 (Alys)
All right. That takes care of a few bios, and Demon's page is now updated. Also, I've removed all traces of MS word from the site. Sorry about that whole thing. A new Battle Arena section may be up soon... and of course those chapters you're all waiting for.
12/13/02 (Alys)
WoooOOOOOooo!! It’s Friday the 13th. You know what THAT means... That’s right! Absolutely nothing. All right, first, I’ve fixed a bunch of the Characters pages. That section is no longer MS Word-ified, so I was able to remove quite a few thousand bytes of useless crap, and actually IMPROVE the way the old MS Word-ified stuff looked. Second, I’ve added Zio to the Characters under “The Foes.” Oh, and we have a new member: Supamushroom. Aribar, you’ll be happy to know your bio is up now. Gibby, I need you to re-send me yours. Tempest, yours is up too. Swordblade, Demon, I need you both to get on so I can update your characters. Anyhow, I’ve got more updates on the way, including the chapters of Klumsy’s Will and the Fellowship of the Sword… yeah, gotta get around to writing those yet. …Y’know what’s really great? I can update this thing instantaneously. As long as I’m handling the updates to your characters, expect them to show up as soon as they’re done.
12/12/02 (Alys)
Hey everyone! Alys here with my FIRST EVER SSQ UPDATE! I’ve got a bunch of people from my mission "The Fellowship of the Sword" updated, and more will be on the way soon. Expect the chapter by the weekend.
12/11/02 (Wolfman/VG)
My my my...what happened to me?!? Best if you don't ask. Soon, Alys will have the FTP info that I have so that she can also update this website...for apparently, I can't all the time. I'll still be around and update...just, not as much.
11/15/02 (Wolfman/VG)
I know that I'm behind on the website updating...part of it is on purpose, and part of it is homework. But, for my main concern...I have said that I would be a stricter GM since before this new system. I have already proven that I was tougher during a previous mission...now, the stricter part comes in. Now, this hasn't been discussed with the others yet, but I'm sure they will agree. IF your bio is NOT uploaded, you may NOT participate in missions until that is done! Furthermore, once the new payment system gets in, no bios means no money! Missions are not going to happen until AT LEAST Wednesday, so that gives you guys a little extra time to send bios in and a little extra time for me to get homework done. Thank you.
11/20/02 (Wolfman/VG)
Stats from the third mission were updated...but the chapter isn't up yet.
11/17/02 (Wolfman/VG)
I am behind on putting up the specific stats from the Wilmington mission that took place; I apologize. I am going to make a new rule saying that anyone that wants to host a mission--and that includes me--must make sure that everything is properly updated first--so make sure I follow it. Speaking of rules, one Quester was forced to depart from the group for breaking some...but the main one broken was too serious for just a simple warning. Before any of you get on my case, there was a fair trial, and I did say before this new season started that I would attempt to be stricter on the rules in general. Now, it's early in the morning, so I can possibly get more done later.
Now it's later at night, and I'm caught up...for the most part. Fixed a few links here and there, brought back the constitution, and updated some bios. If I missed anything, let me know.
11/15/02 (Wolfman/VG)
Another story chapter and more character pages put up. I also put up an example character page to show what each thing means.
11/13/02 (Wolfman/VG)
I have one bio that was sent to me and uploaded. The rest of you still have time. For the record, yesterday marked the first actual mission, but was put on "to be continued" status due to time. However, I can say that the system has proven to be much more fair and balanced than the past systems of old. I will soon put up either a new constitution or a separate page that goes into the initiation page...depends on which one is better.
11/12/02 (Wolfman/VG)
Things are looking up now; about 12 bio pages were updated (but the bios themselves are coming soon hopefully). Remember that you have 2 weeks to send one in; email them to me here. I'd suggest you look at all of the charts and know what is expected when it comes to moves and stuff; it will be tougher for all of us--me to keep track, and you to follow.
11/11/02 (Wolfman/VG)
Nothing like having been beaten up and transformed into your old self; that's what I'm starting to say. Initiations will soon take place again, but the rules post-initiation will be stricter. You can be whoever you want--within reason, of course--but you MUST stick with that person and you MUST RP while in session! Also, a bio of you will be demanded within two weeks of you signing up.

As for what is coming, there will now be level ups, stats, and "magic". Well, it's not pure magic, but special moves can no longer be used as freely as they did in the past.

Wolfman's Updates

I'm still alive...this time, THREE chapters are up. The Character bios will be last, but for a reason.
The Store has been updated...this time, some items have specific rolls!
Apparently, I'm STILL behind...but at least I put up two new amendments to the Constitution. A new link was put up for easier access. Now if I can get the REST done...
I know, I know; I didn't update in a week. For the record, I am taking another week off the website, ALONG WITH sessions. This is for two reasons: one, to take care of any needed work in smaller chunks, and two, to give Klumsy Koopa, a fellow Quester, a chance to use his Final Fantasy RPG without "competition". A schedule will OBVIOUSLY have to come soon.
Bios and story page are updated. A new store table will be coming soon that also explains extra rolls. Pictures will be put on bios soon. I am now taking submissions for super move ideas; those that have been approved, hold up until I release the table. Those who have ? marks by their THAC0 and AC, please enter the room and reroll for new ones.
I've reached a temporary break from senior project, so I can do this update. The constitution is now official, so the amendment process can now begin. There might be a few words changed here or there in the articles to clear something up, but it's basically complete. Also, the new battle system should be complete by now. Finally, some "Questers" have left due to various reasons; some of them have not yet been moved to the "Finished" section, but they will. To see the constitution, head here.
The first "season" has come to an end! I thank you Questers for a good job, but don't think the war has ended. This is just to let you know that things are coming. The planned constitution is now uploaded here for the moment so I don't take up inbox space. Everyone who has received a custom initiation will have to enter the IRC room and reroll for certain stats to be fair. Much more should be coming, so stay tuned.
Bios are updated in reguards to "lump sum" payments; not everyone got the same amount this time, but the max this time was 350. The planned constitution is completed for its first draft; email me to get a copy. School still hates me...so who knows what will happen?
A new battle system is in place (actually an update to the old one). A constitution is coming to spill the rules; contributions are welcome. The possibility of "specialty moves" is being tossed in the air; the hard part right now is one particular Quester who loves using a certain loophole. The Custom Initiation rolls will be slightly different from now on; I will explain when each time comes, for the signup page is closed right now. School is still tough, but I'm working on my time management.
I'm caught up......All of the awards, upgrades, stories, and various other misc. stuff is off the backlog. At least, I think so...Right now, Bowler, Sally, and Klumsy/Alys are asking for pictures of you Questers for a banner of sorts, while I'm asking the rest of you to possibly find a mirror website should either A) VGF goes down again, and B) I can't update everything anymore. Look at the Character page and tell me whether I can do all of that, AND a senior project to boot! Speaking of which, I managed to geta little break with it yesterday...but it's basically ended now. This "weeks's" payment will be done during the holiday of Rosh Hashana (jewish holiday meaning head of the new year), which I will be celebrating. Please do not ask for missions or anything during that time.
OK, maybe not EVERYTHING is ready to be updated all at once. However, enough stuff is ready. The Story, various character bios, and Upgrades page are updated...but NOT the upgrade chart!
I get to breath a little sigh of relief at least...I am nearly caught up on recent events. A new fighter's moves, Mack's, will soon be available for the taking, along with a mystery person's moves. Some of the moves in the upgrade system might have to be "downgraded" for being too powerful (defense moves come to mind). There also might be extra "move powerups" that allow for extra functions on old moves--thank Trek for that idea. However, don't expect it to be up now. Everything will be updated all at once.
I was right...the speed updates have ended. Blame my school system for having a "senior project". However, I will sum up what has happened as of late on the RPG; Alys replaces Zio as Klumsy's partner, Mack the repairman (original creation, with some thanks to Lynk) is going to be the 30th fighter, and a possible "visit" to my old workplace, the Super Smash Stadium, is being discussed right now. I also currently feel comfortable with the idea of fan submissions of arenas, items, and other things you can come up with. Email is vgwarriorsss@hotmail.com in case you forget. As for Mack's stats, they will go up within a few days.
Unless I can squeeze more time than I should, this will probably be the last of my "speed updates". For those that weren't aware, Bahamut from the Maverick Hunters (the group there joint session was with) has left for the world of college. This update is merely here to signify this important event in the world of RPing. A few bio pages were updated, and the story section will soon be updated with a "summary-like" chapter that covered events from the past week. A big mission is to come soon, hopefully.
Thanks to Excel, a table has been made in HTML format that took care of some of the work. You can see it here.
The latest edition has been added to the game; MOVE UPGRADES! Yes, now your specials can be more powerful than ever. The Battle System page has more information. Also, everyone that had a Smash Dex is eligible for a new item, for every Quester owns one now. The latest chapter involving the Maverick Hunters was put up. All character bios are updated. To access the upgrade sheet, click on this link (or this one if you don't have Excel). If you still can't see it, then tell me what you can run and I will get on with it.
Everything up to the end of the Forest Maze mission is uploaded. The joint session, which ended up taking place yesterday, was a reasonable success, though I felt it was a little unbalanced. Questers on the active list will be receiving either 300, 400, or 500 coins "lump sum" payment due to conflicts with my record keeping; the specific amount is yet to be determined. A possible move upgrade system might be coming; take a look at what it looks like here. Senior Project is killer...updates won't be as fast, or as effecient, as they were this weekend.
Site is back up...almost done with updates.
School has started; 'nuff said. Payments are suspended. Everything up to the Mount Moon mission is fully updated; a part of that chapter is up for me to remember to finish. More Questers join, and more will keep on joining. The Mavhunt--SuperSmashRPG Joint Session is still on the agenda; I predict Friday or Saturday. There is a possibility of the moves receiving an overhaul...in the form of an upgrade system. Think upgraded spells and you get the idea, only with the possibility that some of the current moves available might end up at a "higher" level than the starting one. One more thing; some of you have been trying to get in ASKING for certain moves in advance. That is not allowed.
I've recovered from a stat crash thanks to mIRC's logging functions, but payment this week might be different. Some Questers got moved to the Forgotten due to inactivity; others joined in to replace them. Right now there are fourty active Questers in my count. Money section is "complete" enough, while the store has a new item. Poo has also joined because he considered most of the Questers "weak." The latest mystery section, the Battle System, is partially uploaded. That's it for this update.
I'm starting school next week, so I still have a good deal of work offline...sessions aren't guarenteed, but I might be in #mavhunt (same server) due to talks about a possible joint session later down the road. Also, a java applet might soon be available so that downloading mIRC isn't required.
Char pages updated. Story received minor update (forgot something).
Story and Store updated...char pages coming soon.
Life is taking a minor toll...it's possible that there won't be any more missions this week.
Yes, I can update two days in a row. Story, Char pages, and Combo page updated.
Due to a lost file that contains certain information, I can't pay anyone from the past week. However, whatever you guys earn this week will be doubled (make sure you remind me so I don't goof up this one). Move Combos, Story, and Char bios are updated. A new section is going to be added that explains some aspects of fighting. The Tutorial page is updated to explain the newest features just implemented in the RPG (specialized training and more organized move awards).
The Story is updated. All bios are properly updated now, thanks to help from Panzer and others. Also, Zenno was accidentally put on the forgotten list, but actually wasn't, so his coin total got upped to 1000 for compensation (it was about 700 or 800 before I docked it). For those concerned about the new payment plan, head to the Money section. I also gave a little insight about how HP and dodge rolls are determined in the Initiations page. There; I think I'm done. (note: a different update was here previously; the message on it was answered.)
The Story got updated again, and this time bios are properly updated. Those "Questers" that haven't done a thing since getting here (not even showing up after initiations) got all extra pay removed and are on "The Forgotten" list until they contact me. Darken isn't there because he showed up hoping to do something when it was impossible due to the situation. The Combo list is updated...I'm waiting for more combos people. Move list updated with a recent Move Stealer success; Melee Fighters list also reflects this.
Server crashed, so I took a little holiday. Story is updated.
Bios and other stuff updated...and no, Meta Knight isn't staying with us.
Story is updated...bios need updating, for weekly pay hasn't been given yet.
Life is harsh many times...things WILL be updated soon.
Caught up for now...I think.
Still trying to catch up...Story is offically caught up; bios still have to be done.
A few seconds after midnight, and I update the works. Variables fixed; 2 chapters added; new Questers; new items...you get the idea.
(The sooner I understand Pride & Prejudice, the sooner I can get stuff done here.)
Combined 101 and never-released tutorial sections into one. Story, store, and bios updated. New item coming soon. Links section coming soon.
No, I'm not dead. Updated a bunch of stuff; I won't say all of it here.
Story has another chapter. Everyone got paid their weekly pay (though one requested no pay). A new section is up.
Bios receive a long awaited update. Item store is now open.
Only the Story this time. Bios and item store (mystery section) tomorrow most likely.
Story & bios. The plot (if you call it that) has thickened.
Story & bios updated/added. Still working on tutorial and mystery section.
Story and bios updated. Possible new section coming soon (besides tutorial).
Finally back online. Bios added/updated. New chapter on Story.
More bios updated. Story gains a new chapter.
Update stuff moved here. Session Log changed to Story. Bios updated.
New sections were added; bios were changed. A new message board was put up.
The website is up; various bugs were fixed.