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Aiden Avios Ligaze

Melee attack
  • Sword Attacks
  • 7
    Ranged attack6




    Time...ever constant...ever flowing. A start without a finish...or possibly constantly finishing. Who knows... but there have always been those who watched over it with a silent eye. Appearing solely to assist and correct the wrongs that would cause distortions in time and space. As these almost always extend to altering the fabric of reality they try to move as quick as possible and stop the problem before it begins. These "Time Knights" however despite the name cannot be everywhere. It has come to there attention that temporal,spacial, and space distortions have increased for a time. They observed the happenings and looked back at several others and noticed they all seemed to surround a group of people. These people being The Questors. Because of this it has been decided a Time Knight be dispatched to them with the primary objective of protecting the realms from temporal & spacial distortions. There secondary objective is assisting them in the hopes of avoiding getting near these events as they seem to be a built up events over time instead of instantly happening. The first to take the call is #8 of 47. Aiden Code Named "Double Impact" and revered by the title "Lion-Eyed Aiden" for the ferocity. It is said he is a lover of swords so much so he has gone threw time several times collecting rare blades after there usefulness in a known continuity has ended. Of such blades he has found some of great calibur that he brings with him into battle and uses to a great degree of skill. Those bieng Cortana,Joyeuse,and Hrotti. Negotiations are currently being made with the heads of the Questor's but if they are succesful he will be outfitted with the same abilities the questors use and recieve limitations on his temporal abilities to a large degree so he himself wont cause any multiverse distortions when he re-enters the realm.
    Here comes a new challenger! Aiden Avios Ligaze
    Favored Abilities
    Computer Use
    Melee Attack

  • Jump
  • 5
    Computer use4
    Item construction1
  • Tactics
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    Move silently5
    Brawl Moves
    Chrono BurstA standard Time Knight's move. Involves rapid teleportation. Allows one to move large distances very quickly--the roll for it uses Athletics alone; no specialties involved. Anyone in the way is likely to take a minor amount of damage.Athletics2%51
    Flash SwordA Supersonic sword slash which threatens all in a straight line in front of the user, which allows one to bring the pain to those far away.Ranged9%+3% damage for every 3 successes over the enemy's DV.62
    Counter StrikeA skillful counter which may or may not involve looking ahead in time. For one thing, we know it doesn't involve fighting one another with machineguns.Block + 16%40
    WindcutterA dangerous move which involves compressing air and space into such a small space that when it is released, it explodes. Make sure not to get hit while charging!Melee + 118% + 3(Ticks charged)%81If attacked while charging, the charge explodes, damaging both you for half the attack's damage and threatening anyone nearby with the full Melee + 1 roll!
    Extra JumperAdds a second "double jump" on top of your usual series of jumps. This means that Up+B moves become quadruple jumps!8240
    Wall JumperKick off walls to gain an extra jump. Resets double jump when used, allowing it to be used again if it's already been used.3200

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