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Alex Fender

Melee attack7
Ranged attack3


Alex looks like a combination between a punk rocker and a swordsman, if such a thing could be described, but mainly he focuses as a punk rocker. He stands about six foot even, with a swimmer's muscle tone and calloused fingertips. His hair is brown, long and pulled back into a tight ponytail and bright golden eyes. Dressed in pair of dirty, torn jeans, some beaten up high top sneakers, and dark red t-shirt that has 'Ride The Lightning' emblazed on the front in yellow text with a lightning bolt through it, he easily stands out. He also has a leather gig bag strapped to his back, the handle of it protruding over his right shoulder for easy access to grab.

Alex is known to have a loud, goofy, powerful personality that will either cause you to laugh hysterically or drive you insane. However, when the going gets tough, he can buckle down and be serious.

He's similar to the original GSPB officer, Scott Gibson, only a lot louder, a lot crazier, and certainly a better guitar player.


The history of Alex Fender goes something to this effect. Around the time of the 1970s on the planet Earth, there were two waring nations in space that had already developed a form of space travel. First, there was Medical Mechanica, a group of robots and technology driven scientists who believed that absolute order came with technology. Those who thought differently from this were considered primitive monkies and should be eradicated.

The other nation was the GSPB, or Galaxy Space Police Brotherhood, a group of men and women who fought against the norm, and rose up to defeat this group of people. However, Medical Mechanica was much better equipped and could do a lot more damage in just about any way compared to the GSPB. The story truly begins in the space near Earth. A trio of Medical Mechanica ships were attacking an entire fleet of rival ships. And it goes without saying that the Medical Mechanica ships were winning.

As the MM ships were about to strike the final blow, the commander in charge of the flagship of this particular GSPB fleet ordered of the interspace radio to pull hard right to try to avoid the blast, and fire back with everything they have at the lead MM ship. However, what the commander didn't know was that the communcations officer on another ship was...for lack of a better term, a lazy ass. He was busy listening to a odd but awe-inspiring audio recording coming from the planet below them. Instead of the commander's order coming over the radio, that odd audio recording was broadcast on a full open channel to all the ships.

That recording was Jimi Hendrix playing Purple Rain.

The music was so different, so against the norm that the GSPB officers were shocked. To make matters better, the sheer differences between law and order and this music, as well as the frequency of the sound, rendered the MM ships completely useless. One ship's reactor overloaded, the explosion taking the other ship with it, the third veering off course and detonating over Mars a few minutes later.

With this knowledge in mind, the GSPB made it a priority to seek out this man, Jimi Hendrix, and have him teach them his ways. Faking the man's death, they brought him to their world and had him help them in learning the ways of rock and roll.

Now, decades later, Jimi Hendrix is called the Grand Master of the GSPB forces, various other legendary musicians taking key rolls throughout the GSPB forces. Musicians ranging from Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, and many others. As well, a school was forged on their home planet to teach new recruits the art of rock and roll, fighting with instruments, battling Medical Mechanica, and keeping the general peace of the universe.

Alex Fender is one of these musicians. A good friend and partner of the original GSPB officer in the Questers, Scott Gibson, Alex Fender was sent by the GSBP to replace him. While Scott focused on using powers of older rock, Alex tends to focus on newer rock. A single guitarist compared to Scott's guitarist/bassist/singer combination, Alex relies on speed and rapid attacks to make up for his lack of strength.

  • Jump
  • Double Jump
  • 5
    Computer use1
    Item construction1
    Move silently2
  • Guitar
  • 5
    Brawl Moves
    Click Click BoomThe user uses an instrument (or their voice) to make a gigantic cannonball shaped sound blast.Ranged + 112%71
    Riot, Riot, RiotA giant flurry of attacks, utilizing a blunt object, be it guitar or not. Very vague and general.Melee10%+2 damage for each 2 over enemy DV.61
    Head on CollisionApply directly to enemy's forehead. An extremely powerful overhead smash with a blunt object, which generally leaves the user quasi-exhausted.Melee22%+5 damage for every 3 over the enemy's DV.82If it misses, the Speed becomes 10, due to the weapon lodging into the ground.
    Texas FloodA gigantic soundwave attack, utilizing a noise-making object. Threatens all enemies, but isn't ultra-powerful.Ranged5%+3 to damage for every 3 over enemy DV.53
    Weapons and Spells
    GUN Anti-Robot Wand
    This is a special research device made by GUN to repel robots. It posesses the capability of shutting down normal robots by stabbing them in the head. It can also pierce metallic materials. Otherwise, it is relatively weak.Melee5%53Enemy machines below boss level must roll an Endurance check to prevent from being shut down. Pierces armor (Lowering the DV of armored enemies)
    Guitar of DoomI forget the name of this... either way, it's perfect for hitting the enemy with musical vibes of doom.Ranged + 110%61
    Self HurterWhenever you use a special move, you take 3% damage. However, your special moves are all powered up and deal +50% damage (x1.5).5200
    Wall JumperKick off walls to gain an extra jump. Resets double jump when used, allowing it to be used again if it's already been used.3200

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